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7 July 2019

Visit to Shuttleworth Military Airshow

A great opportunity to visit the marvellous Shuttleworth Military Airshow, with discounted ticket entry.

In order to secure a special entrance price, we are collecting details of a minimum number of people specifically intending to buy tickets, which would give admittance to the entire site, including vintage vehicles, motorcycles and over 50 historic aircraft, as well as the lovely Swiss Garden nearby. It is also possible that a small dedicated parking area for Porsche Club members may be arranged.

If you are certain* you would like to come, please see and post on the R10 forum thread and also email me specifically on, with Name(s) of those who wish to attend and what Porsche(s) you intend to come in. There is a list running for ‘intended’ attendees.

*It’s important to note that all tickets are non-refundable or transferable if you find you are unable to attend.

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