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27 Mar 2024

Photos by Rich Pearce

Financing a specialist vehicle

Club Partner Orcale gives you the lowdown

Finding finance for any vehicle can often be a minefield of product options and technical jargon at the best of times, and that is with a brand-new car bought direct from a dealership. If that car is a pre-owned example, is to be purchased from a private seller or is to be bought at a car auction, the details of the car, the funding terms and the variables on pricing and residual values can often make the matter even more confusing.

But what if that car is a particularly specialist vehicle, that could mean you may struggle to find funding as it may not fit certain lenders requirements or criteria, such as age. It may be a car that is a rare example, it may be a limited edition, or even something fairly unique like the Brabus featured in the latest issue of Porsche Post. In fact, many finance lenders may shy away from something that doesn’t seem like a vehicle that is mainstream or of regular specification.

Though to most people it may look like a Porsche, car companies such as Brabus or Singer will enhance a particular model to such an extent that even the brand badges are replaced from the donor car. Often with replacement bodywork, overhauled interiors, improved mechanicals and more impressive performance, not even the model name is the same as it was before. This ensures the new car is considered a separate proposition in its own right.

 Though many finance lenders shy away from the idea of a ‘modified car’, some companies go to the extent that they create so much more than that. Whilst they may or may not be considered as a separate manufacturer, many brands’ expertise, levels of craftsmanship and quality of engineering is enough to be considered a different proposition to the traditional ‘modified’ car. This makes these particular types of cars much easier for specialist finance companies to not only value in the first place but understand exactly what they are providing funding for. Often costing many tens of thousands of pounds more than the model on which it is based, it is essential that a car, is treated as the specialist product it is, and that the finance company understand the reasoning behind its valuation.

 Thankfully Oracle Car Finance are experts at finding the perfect finance package for specialist cars of all makes and models. Not just road going versions either but racing cars and track cars too. Their hand selected panel of lenders means they can take that stress and confusion away from finding you that perfect funding solution, no matter how specialist or rare the vehicle you are looking to fund is. Not only that but by handling all the documentation and liaising with other parties on your behalf, it makes the process much smoother and hassle free. All you have to do is look forward to collecting that new car, no matter how specialist or rare it may be.

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