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01 Jun 2023

The evolution of an icon

Porsche begins its 75th anniversary celebrations with a modernised crest 

Brushed precious metal, three-dimensional honeycomb structure, refreshed crest animal and more subtle gold colour – on closer inspection, these are the differences between the modernised Porsche crest and its immediate predecessor.

With great attention to detail and in a three-year process, the designers of Style Porsche, together with the marketing experts of the sports car manufacturer, have carefully modernised the iconic logo. The introduction will start on the vehicle side at the end of 2023.

“The ‘75 years of Porsche sports cars’ anniversary was the occasion for us to rework this trademark,” says Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche. “With its cleaner and more state-of-the-art execution, the refined crest communicates the character of Porsche. We have reinterpreted historical characteristics and combined them with innovative design elements such as a honeycomb structure and brushed metal. The result is an aesthetically ambitious arc that bridges the history and the future of the brand.”


Despite a number of revisions, the Porsche crest is still immediately recognisable. An important aspect, because this is one of the most famous trademarks in the world. With loving attention to detail over a three-year process, Joachim Paetzel, Specialist for Colour and Trim at Style Porsche, worked with design colleagues and marketing experts to carefully modernise the iconic logo.

“The time factor is very important in a maturing process such as this,” Paetzel describes the iterative procedure of designing the crest. “A trademark is not designed ‘off the cuff’ within a few days. You have to go back to it again and again, sometimes at longer intervals. The second or third look can reveal to you things that you want to optimise, until it finally achieves a harmonious, natural effect. Only then can you say with satisfaction: ‘This is exactly how it has to be!’”
It was also important to the designers to match precisely the 2D and 3D versions of the crest. The trademark is not only experienced in its physical form on the body and in the interior of the sports car. It must also be effective in the brand identity in communications or at the point of sale. The introduction will start on the vehicle side at the end of 2023.


“The Porsche crest is an unmistakable symbol and simultaneously a central element of our brand identity,” says Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer at Porsche AG. “For this reason, the modernised crest became the occasion for us to rework our brand design. We will be using the crest in a more targeted way to underline emotional highlights. At the same time, the Porsche lettering will take on even greater significance." The adaptation of the brand identity will start on the occasion of the 75th Porsche sports car anniversary show from 8 June 2023.

Porsche has used the crest since 1952. The trademark was updated in 1954, 1963, 1973, 1994 and 2008. All of the historical crests are available worldwide from Porsche Classic for vintage and new cars within the original parts range. Some of them are manufactured in elaborate processes, as new versions based on original drawings and using special tools.

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