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28 May 2021

Sixty something: Triple Bill

Continuing the Club’s 60th anniversary celebrations, this month’s archive haul bookends Porsche’s arrival in the big leagues of sports car racing

This month’s dive into the Porsche Post archive elicited a neat chronological sequence of events, both local and global.

In the spring of 1968, none other than ‘Quick Vic’ Elford was offered Honorary Membership of the Porsche Club of Great Britain, documented here with a charming letter of acceptance from hiswife Mary.

The following year, Porsche Post would run a cover image of the newly built 917, resplendent in its white factory war paint and notably free of the later aerodynamic enhancements brought about by John Wyer Automotive that would turn it from widow-maker to winner in a matter of months; with Elford, of course, front and centre in the works driver programme.

Our final entry from the archives this month is a thought-provoking submission from Tony Standen, a long-standing PCGB member and the owner, among other vehicles, of a Porsche tractor, a fact that may shine some light on his passion for the marque’s humbler roots in the face of a new era of international sporting success.
Standen wrote this unflinching piece in the aftermath of Porsche’s long-awaited Le Mans victory in 1970, in which Elford was cruelly denied victory by engine failure after 18 hours at the front of the field. He celebrates the success, but foresees a loss of road-based relevance that has remained a bugbear for many racing fans to this day.


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