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26 Jul 2021

Porsche Club GB Awards Evening

Celebrating the achievements of Club members and volunteers

Our Club would simply not exist were it not for the enthusiasm, dedication and generosity of our volunteers. Across the UK our army of Club Officials work tirelessly for members, and it is with enormous gratitude and admiration we recognise the recipients of our 2020 awards.
Due to the current restrictions in place across the UK, the decision was made to hold the event virtually for a second year running. However, once it becomes appropriate to do so, a more formal service will be held, hopefully in the Autumn, in order to properly present the trophies to the winners.
The Club Board would like to thank all of those who were nominated this year. A special thank you went out to Sue Dennis and Chris Torre, joint Regional Officers’ in R25 (Kent); Sam Mubarak, who looks after the 912 Register; from the Clubhouse, Steve Gillings, the Regional Operations Manager, and Vicky Osbourne, Marketing Coordinator for Porsche Cars Great Britain, who has been affectionately nick-named ‘the responsible adult’. Furthermore, a big hand goes out to Rich and the rest of the Clubhouse staff, who have continued to provide support and keep the Club running. Finally, an enormous thank-you went to all the members who took the time to nominate fellow member in each of the award’s categories.
This year’s awards and winners are…

Bill Goodman Trophy

Awarded to a member who clearly personified the award criteria; their commitment over the past ten years was demonstrated even before taking on an official’s role, and is why many of this member’s official predecessors, peers and members considered their input and contributions past and present, simply invaluable. This year, the Bill Goodman Trophy was awarded to Deb Harm.
Until October 2020, Deb assisted as joint RO. Long before stepping up as an organiser in 2015, she regularly assisted with a dedication that has been fundamental in the success and shaping of her Region. Commitment of this magnitude is very rare and has been a huge benefit to this Club and its members over many years.
Typically, Deb has never asked, expected or demanded any credit or recognition for her dedication, her driving motivation throughout has only ever been to eagerly assist others to get as much enjoyment from this great Club as possible. In 2010, she organised and planned her Region’s first “Clear Away the Cobwebs Drive”, a tradition which has become a firm favourite in the Region calendar and remains a fantastic way to kick start a driving season.

Sheffield Trophy

Awarded to the Region which has consistently delivered as full as possible a complete programme of events for its members, including events delivered on a virtual platform such as Zoom; has taken positive steps to increase membership; and has promoted national virtual and physical events.
A big congratulations to Regional Organiser, John Evans, on behalf of Region 19 (Thames Valley). Throughout the difficult year of 2020, consisting of two national lockdowns, with only a short break between them, John continued to organise events every month. At the end of the first lockdown, these included three consecutive meets limited to 30 attendees each, to ensure that all members wishing to get to a meet following lockdown were able to do so.
The Region also attended and staffed the PCGB display at the Bicester Heritage Classic Car Drive-In Weekend in September, which also encouraged members from other Regions to attend and display their cars. During the lockdown periods, R19 maintained their Club and Social presence by hosting Zoom based meetings every month, including short tutorial videos and quizzes to maintain member interest and interactively. This was further extended to Social Media posts regarding Club and other subjects of interest. Regular newsletters to Region members ensured that all were invited and included.
Impressively, the Region has seen a number of new members join, even during the lockdowns of 2020 and has maintained contact with adjoining PCGB Regions, offering support and advice when and where requested. Their photo gallery continues to grow and record the range of activities the region offers. John has done a phenomenal job in keeping R19 active and engaging through a tremulous year and has helped to keep spirits high amongst members; for that alone, the Club is truly grateful.

John Piper Trophy

Awarded to an individual who has over 20 years membership and was judged by the panel as having made a significant contribution for the good and benefit of members. The 2020 John Piper Trophy was awarded to Geoff Fields.
Geoff spent around seven years as joint Regional Organiser and now continues on the committee as treasurer, looking after the IT for the Region. During lockdown, he embraced every “hair-brain scheme” the RO came up with and joined in with good humour. Despite having other hobbies and interests, Geoff would always prioritise helping out with Region events. He organises the Region quiz each year, runs the raffles, and gets up at ‘ungodly hours’ to set up for events. But importantly, if members have a problem, he will spend countless hours researching, finding parts or services, and finding out the known most likely causes and the solutions. He is loved by many Region members and truly deserves recognition for his efforts.

David Gillhooly Trophy

Awarded to the Register which has consistently embraced the notion of a Register by innovation, by bringing members together at events and regularly offering support by providing regular articles in Porsche Post, online, and directly to promote their specific Register. The 2020 David Gillhooly Trophy was jointly awarded to Steve and Sue Edwards on behalf of the 911 Carrera 3.2 Register.
The husband and wife team have attended all Officials’ Conference and every AGM since 2007. They arranged Register Parking and met up with members at Club events around the country and held Register WOTYs in the UK and France. Furthermore, they have maintained regular contact with members seeking assistance on everything from buying, selling, maintaining and sourcing parts or services. Keeping their Register resources section of our website populated with additional information and photos, they’ve helped to keep the Register interactive and alive during an extremely challenging year. During the pandemic, this Register have also held regular Zoom calls which proved very popular, attracting members as far afield as Ireland, Austria, South of France, and Saudi Arabia!

The Spirit of the Club

The Club decided that it would be appropriate this year to review the name of this award. So from tonight the award will be known as the ‘The Spirit of the Club - 1961 Award’ - as a tribute to everyone who has helped make the club what it is today - the only club that sits at the heart of Porsche ownership and enjoyment in the UK.
Awarded to the member who has consistently upheld the standards of PCGB by supporting and encouraging membership, embracing change, becoming involved in events and supporting the Club in what may be considered above and beyond that normally expected of a member. We hope you will agree that the most deserving winner of this special award is cherished member, Robin Kisbee.
Robin received nominations in a number of different categories. An individual who is “one of those people that when there was just one Annual National Event for the PCGB, would spend his time in a camper van, rather than with his beloved 911, in order to set up the day before, and volunteer on the day for the benefit of others”. Despite devastating family loss when his wife passed away, Robin continued “above and beyond”. Now, rather than take and enjoy his 924, invariably he uses his Cayenne to carry all the tools and paraphernalia to set up for Region events. He always puts others before himself and is a member who truly deserves more recognition for his many years of hard work in the Club.

Honorary Membership

‘The Panel’ may, in exceptional circumstances, recommend to the board a maximum of two individuals from nominations they have received in an award year, who in their opinion warrant the award of Honorary Membership. This is in addition to the Board making its own nomination.

The first nomination went to John Dunn. John worked as a very successful Regional Organiser for over 14 years. It was said of his Region that it “certainly must be one of the best in the Club”. He never missed a Porsche Post report in all the years as an RO. He was Register Director for eight months from September 2014, stepping into the role to fill a vacancy at short notice. John is the National Concours Chairman and has organised many Regional WOTYs throughout the UK and 5 European weekends away for his Region.

The second nomination went to Phil Graham, who has just finished his second term, working tirelessly on the Board as Community and Regions Director.
Board Award 2020

This is a discretionary award that the Board can make to recognise exceptional service and dedication.
The last 18 months have been horrendously difficult for everyone. The Club has faced the most demanding of times and together, we have overcome unimaginable challenges. Our Club has survived, when sadly others have not been so fortunate. Our success, our survival, is the result of enormous teamwork, extra efforts by our volunteers, our Officials and the support of our members. Central to our success was the work that went on at the Clubhouse, very often behind the scenes, but vital in every way. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our General Manger Richard Baldelli, and the entire Clubhouse Team.
Therefore, the Board has chosen to award to Rich Baldelli, General Manger PCGB, and our Clubhouse Team the award of ‘Board Award 2020’. The team have shown determination, performance and loyalty, particularly during 2020, and have collectively played a major part in keeping PCGB at the very heart of Porsche ownership and enjoyment in the UK.

PCGB Member of the Year 2020

Several nominations were received highlighting the work of this member. Last March, this member put a message on the Forum to see if any other Club members would be interested in taking part in Sim Racing together. The interest was there, and the idea took off spectacularly. Through endless work behind the scenes, he coordinated a calendar of races based on the tracks of most interest to competitors, in a car that suited everyone and arranged for all the races to be live streamed, meaning they can be watched by anyone in the Club.
He took a concept that had been bounced around the office for months and made it a reality. The live races raise the profile of the Club and attract a whole new audience of Club members, helping us to stay buoyant a difficult time. For many members of staff too, he has been a reassuring voice. He is a shining example of what a car club should represent. Approachable, helpful and continually willing to give up his time to help those willing to learn. His patience and work ethic are exemplary and demand recognition.
It was therefore our pleasure to announce Mark Phillips as the Porsche Club Great Britain Member of the Year 2020.

30 Year Continuous Service Award

In addition to the Annual Awards, individuals who complete 30 years continuous membership will be recognised with a special award at an event which will take place at the Clubhouse once it becomes safe and appropriate to do so.

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