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Virtual event

29 Nov 2020

Finding pace on a trackday

Our latest driver development evening with Richard Bott and Kat Impey

In their latest online talk, Driving Consultants Kat Impey and Richard Bott will help you to re-ignite your driving with quick wins to help you to be quicker, safer and more confident behind the wheel.
Are you looking for ways to further your circuit driving technique? Reaching a plateau in your development is a natural part of learning, regardless of your level or experience. Track driving is no exception and if you have reached a point where you feel you aren’t getting any better, it can be difficult to know what to do, to push your personal development and skill forwards. 

When driving on track, everyone reaches a point where they don’t feel they can go any quicker without getting outside their personal comfort zone. Deliberately going over your and your cars limits is both a daunting thought as well as being potentially dangerous, if not done in the right way. 

Kat and Richard will give work through some techniques and exercises as well as some of the common mistakes people make, that will get you thinking and give you some strategies to push through those plateaus, without risking yourself or your car. 

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