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22 May 2020

CV-19 Porsche Club travel & driving advice

The latest Covid-19 update from Porsche Club Great Britain

As the Club that sits at the very heart of Porsche ownership and enjoyment in the UK, by definition, we love everything to do with our Porsches, whether it is displaying them, using them on trackdays or simply driving our cars on our huge network of public highways.

At this present moment however, we all have a responsibility to abide by any restrictions on us and our car use that may be in place throughout the UK and we need to be aware of how those restrictions may differ in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Porsche Club understand that members are itching to get out there and use their cars, particularly since we have been enjoying so much fine spring weather. We would ask you, however, to be very sensitive and aware of the need to only drive your car singly and not as part of a large group or convoy. A large group of cars, albeit gathered together in a socially distanced way would still, we believe, send the wrong message at a time when there are still other important restrictions and health dangers around us all at this present time. The time will come, we hope not too far off now when we can again share the thrill of a group of friends sharing a great drive in the UK but that time is not quite yet. In the meantime, if you are able, do enjoy your car in compliance with whatever restrictions apply in your area and we will meet up again one day.

In England, from Monday, May 11, the government has stated that you can now drive to get to work if you cannot work from home, even if your job is not classified as ‘essential’. You can also now drive any distance, as long as social distancing rules are followed, to any other location in England. The government also advises against using public transport when possible and, preferably to walk or cycle or use your car. The message in England has changed, therefore, from ‘Stay at Home’ to ‘Stay Alert’ - click here for more details.

In Scotland, the guidance is still to avoid all unnecessary travel and only use nearby open spaces for exercise. The only exception is for allowance to be made for anyone with a disability that requires them to travel further to an appropriate location. From May 28 the restrictions on traveling in Scotland will ease and you will be able to travel short distances locally for exercise and leisure although walking and cycling is preferred. The First Minister has identified up to five miles distance as ‘local’. See here for detailed advice and information.

The Northern Ireland Executive has recently introduced a five-stage plan for easing the lockdown but restrictions on travel are expected to remain as they are until May 28 – this means that no one should leave their home without a ‘reasonable excuse’ such as getting food or taking exercise.

Unlike England, Scotland, and Wales, in Northern Ireland groups of up to six people, who do not share a household, can meet outdoors provided social distancing measures are in place. For more information relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Northern Ireland visit

In Wales, the restrictions on all non-essential travel remain in force and any people driving into Wales from the UK for sightseeing or other non-essential travel could face fines for breaching lockdown rules. To reiterate, travel in Wales is currently restricted to local and essential journeys only and this does not include visiting the coast or other beauty spots in Wales. See here for more guidance on COVID-19 advice in Wales.

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