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04 Jun 2020

RUF: Love at the red line

Powered by an unrivalled passion for Porsche, discover the story of RUF

For more than 80 years, RUF has been driven by the passion of their employees, customers and thousands of fans around the world. This film tells the story of how a small garage in Pfaffenhausen, Germany toppled the automotive establishment and has continued building cars for one sole purpose - the love of the automobile.

RUF began as a small repair shop which grew a passion for Porsches. Repairs turned to modifications, modifications to manufacture. Today, RUF cars are designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in house, but the passion remains the same as it did back when they were first tinkering with the 356.

RUF: Love at the Red line was produced as a thank you to their fans, customers and enthusuiasts that share their vision.

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