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26 Jun 2020

Organising drives in a Covid-secure world

This guidance is aimed at protecting everyone and will be updated when appropriate

Number of participants
No more than allowed by the current government guidelines for groups. Recognise that guidelines may change and vary country by country. To ensure guideline compliant numbers, members must pre-book; organisers should only share the drive details with those who have booked. Members should be reminded that it is not possible to bring additional guests that are not on the original booking.
Car sharing
Only members who are from the same family unit or support bubble can share the same car. A shared car counts one participant per occupant i.e. Driver and one passenger counts two towards the total participants allowed for a drive. Cars with additional occupants may limit the number of cars on a drive.
Health of participants
If any participant (including the organiser) has or suspects they or any member of their family unit may have Covid-19, are self-isolating, quarantining or are shielding they are not to attend the drive.
Start/End point
Should be away from any residential areas and spacious enough to allow social distancing. Always remember some carparks remain shut or might be busier than normal, be prepared to have a plan-B if you arrive at your destination to find your normally empty carpark is full. Ideally start/end points should have access to toilet facilities.
Should be carried out following current socially distancing guidelines. The content should include the normal driving guidelines together with any covid specific procedures i.e. parking at destination, what to do with radios post event etc.
Hand Sanitizer
Members should be in possession of hand sanitiser.
PPE/Face Coverings
Currently there is no requirement to wear PPE or face coverings outside in public spaces where social distancing can be observed. Members and organisers may choose to wear both should it make them feel safer. Members should not be judged by the group for their own personal choice.
Participant Route Maps (If applicable)
These should either be sent to the participants prior to the event or if printed please allow members to collect these in a social distanced manner. Details should only be shared with those who have pre-booked.
Where organiser provided radios are used for turn-by-turn navigation and to ensure group safety these should be disinfected using Isopropyl Alcohol of at least 70% strength and placed in a sealed Ziploc bag together with a route map (if appropriate) at least 72 hours (further reducing any risk) prior to the drive.
Hand sanitizer should be used prior to collecting of a ‘radio bag’. Used radios should be placed in a collection bag marked dirty. Radios should then be cleaned/charged. The organiser should always clean their hands after handling any dirty radios.
Organisers should avoid sensitive areas i.e. around hospitals, care homes or where there is likely to be an increased use of bicycles and/or walkers/pedestrians/horses. Some are obvious but bear in mind everyone has been enjoying a reduction in car usage so may not expect you to be in ‘their’ space. If you cannot see round a bend, always assume there is a hazard around the corner.
Food and drink
Recognise that your typical destination i.e. Pubs or restaurants at time of writing remain shut so advise members to take their own if appropriate. Please ask everyone to take rubbish home Toilets Public toilets remain shut in many areas, do your homework to avoid any embarrassment
Be mindful that the #socialmediabandwagon is constantly on the lookout for something to complain about. Always avoid posting photographs of driving through otherwise quiet villages

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