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10 Jun 2020

Introducing the Taycan Register

Welcome to the Club - new Register for the Porsche Taycan

Following the invitation in the June edition of Porsche Post, we’re pleased to announce a new Register has been created for Taycan owners and introduce Jon Woodhead as Register Secretary.
Jon is keen to hear from all new Taycan owners about their early experiences, both positive and negative.  Even for those that are not new to electric vehicles, or have owned other Porsche cars, the Taycan is an extraordinary experience to drive. There are many features of driving and owning a Taycan that will be new to most, and with the limited handover arrangements on collection, owners are 'learning-as-we-go'.  Jon will be using your experiences to share knowledge and information, both on the Club Forum and in Porsche Post.
If you are the proud new owner of a Taycan, then please add your vehicle details to your profile page of the website or update your contact preferences in order to receive future updates from the Register. Jon can be contacted using or on the forum here.

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