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18 Jun 2020

Photos by George Woodward

Bicester Heritage Stay Home Scramble

All the highlights of a Sunday Scramble from the comfort of your home

Join Bicester Heritage this Sunday for the second virtual Stay Home Scramble. Follow Bicester Heritage on Instagram or join their dedicated Facebook Group to enjoy a series of pre-recorded and live interviews as well as tours from the classic car hub.

You’re invited to share your own photos and videos from previous Sunday Scrambles using the hashtag #StayHomeScramble. If you haven’t yet had the chance to make it to a Scramble, then simply share your best lockdown projects or favourite photo of your Porsche with why it means so much to you.

This Sunday should have been a “Super Scramble”, one of the largest events in the Bicester Heritage calendar, but for public safety reasons the event has understandably been pushed back to October. We’re joining in the Stay Home Scramble theme by rolling the clock back 12 months to look at some of our favourite moments from the 2019 Super Scramble.

Sports Purpose have a history of sourcing some of the most rare and elusive examples of Stuttgart’s finest to keep the crowds happy and for the 2019 Super Scramble they more than lived up to their high standards. A 911 Carrera 3.2 Club Sport, widely believed to be the only one produced in the reverse colour scheme of red with white graphics, set the tone for a ‘purists’ paradise, joined by two 993 Carrera RS’ and a 997 GT3 RS 4.0.

If that wasn’t enough then further highlights included a “Dutch Orange” 904 Carrera GTS with some serious racing pedigree. On the subject of racing, while some may consider the 964 Cup Car campaigned by Mika Häkkinen to Supercup victory at Monaco in 1993 a “scramble regular”, there is no denying it still commands respect. 

Porsche Centre Swindon welcomed us onto the old fire station with our VW coffee pick-up making one of its first public appearances, fitting in perfectly with the display of immaculately restored classics driven in from the nearby Centre. There was a constant stream of happy Club members keen to get their complimentary caffeine hit and admire the machinery surrounding it; ranging from one of the last remaining Project 20 Boxsters to one of the earliest 356s imported into the UK.

As with every Scramble, we were allocated a plot of grass on the airfield and told to expect a certain number of cars. And much like every Scramble our members kept on coming and quickly filled every inch of our assigned area. Many had planned for a fuel-filled weekend, attending the nearby Porsches at Prescott a day earlier before enjoying a drive across classic British B roads to Bicester.

“Variety” is always a great adjective for describing displays of member-owned Porsches and it is always incredible to see the cars that come out to play – especially when the sun’s out. From early 924s to the latest 911 and mid-engined sports cars, almost every conceivable model could be found. Nestled among them were a handful of limited editions and special run-out models but it was Frank Cassidy’s 993 GT2 replica, affectionately called “Moby” that really turned heads and got people talking.

You can find more photo s from the June 2019 Super Scramble here. While nothing can beat the experience of being at a show, we hope you can join in with the Stay Home Scramble this Sunday and don’t forget to tag us in your best memories of any of the past Scrambles.

All being well, we'll be returning to Bicester Heritage for the October Sunday Scramble. See you there!

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