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13 Feb 2020

2020 Porsche Club Factory Tours

Experience the world-renowned Porsche Museum and Factory

Our Porsche factory tours are a perfect opportunity to exercise your car on the road and hills it was built for. Organiser Richard Watling reveals details of this year’s trips.
Each year, we run three Porsche factory tours, with this year’s trips in March, May and September. Some details are still being finalised, but here are the current itineraries to whet your appetites, along with a preview of a new trip to the Dolomites in 2021.

5-7 March

We’ll be running a short and sweet trip to the Porsche Museum and factory in Zuffenhausen, which is undergoing some radical changes due to the introduction of the all-electric Taycan, made in what Porsche calls “a factory inside a factory” on the site.
This shorter tour is designed for Club members to fly in and out, with transport to nearby automotive attractions included within your booking. Limited places are available so if you’d like to join us please click here to book.

8-15 May 

A highlight of our May trip will be visiting Lake Constance – one of the most beautiful areas in Germany – for the first time. It’s also only around two hours from Stuttgart, where the trip begins with our first full Taycan factory visit.
In Friedrichshafen, we will check out the Motorworld Classics Bodensee show, which takes place from 8 to 10 May, visit a full-size replica of a Zeppelin and look around the Dornier airfield, famous for its flying boats that took off from the huge lake.
And if the weather is good, we will attempt some of the Alpine roads to the east and cross to Switzerland by boat. As my enthusiasm for historic hillclimbs is well known, you can expect to try out one of the best of these and discover more about the Black Forest – now as famous for its gin as it is for cuckoo clocks and cakes!

14-22 September 

For our last tour of 2020, we’ll be returning to the Macan and Panamera plant in Leipzig, this time trying a northern sweep to get there. We’ll be heading as far north as Hamburg to visit the very special Prototyp Museum, which houses rare, vintage and classic cars, followed by a tour of the Airbus factory.
The full itinerary is currently being finalised, but I hope to take Club members through the beautiful Harz and Thuringian Forest mountain ranges and past Wolfsburg, the home of VW, before arriving in Leipzig. On the return leg, I’m also planning a private tour of the Leica Camera company in Wetzlar to see some of their finest equipment and source some expert tips on taking great photographs of cars.
As this is a lengthy trip, we’ll take a break on the way back, stopping in Maastricht before returning to the Channel ports and the delights of the English road system after experiencing the pleasure of Germany’s highways and local roads – the envy of the driving world!

2021 - Delights of the Dolomites

Each year, we try to introduce new elements to tours and in September 2019 a small group of pathfinders headed south to the Dolomites to test out the area over a four-day period, during which we explored this area of Austria and Italy to build up a stock of drives and stays for 2021.
As well as visiting the Stuttgart factory, our planned trip next year will include staying in some of the most beautiful mountain hotels with classic car garages, wine-tasting excursions and glorious drives to the Three Peaks, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the pinnacle of the Dolomites. We could also venture to the dark side in Brescia, home of the Mille Miglia, Modena and Maranello, picking up some wonderful Amarone wine, Parmesan cheese and balsamic tasting experiences before exploring some of the best private car collections.

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