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12 Dec 2019

Photos by Richard Pearce

Can the 911 Cabriolet face the UK winter?

Matt Master warms up to the new 911 Cabriolet during a bone-chilling test drive

This first drive of the new 911 Cabriolet needs prefacing with a small confession: I’ve never much liked a drop-top. Never understood the need, never got on with the looks (excepting the 944 – to my mind Porsche’s only truly successful cabriolet design). But what really irks me is the compromises, be that increased weight and decreased torsional rigidity, or the reduction in day-to-day practicality.
The Porsche cognoscenti traditionally shy away from the cabriolet too, its lack of dynamic focus at odds with the marque’s sporting DNA. Consequently, both Targa and Cabriolet derivatives of the 911 tend not to hold their value as well as their coupé equivalents, and this despite being pricier to buy new.

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