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05 Dec 2019

Photos by Richard Pearce

Brand building with Ted Gushue

We meet the man helping Porsche target a new generation of fans

Over the last 70 years, Porsche has consistently placed itself at the forefront of automotive development through race-derived engineering, exploration of new technologies and a willingness to adapt. And while its cars continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate, so too must its ability to communicate. Getting the message out is an increasingly complicated and nuanced process, but Porsche is ahead of the curve once again, as evidenced by Type7.
For many the Type7 account will already be a familiar one. It’s a social media channel dedicated to Porsche that has emerged over the past 18 months in a flurry of beautifully curated content and industry goodwill to become one of the fastest growing and most widely admired Porsche platforms. But what’s interesting about Type7, and it’s not something you’re meant to see at a glance, is that this is an official Porsche marketing channel, created specifically to appear anything but. It’s very clever and very good. And the brains behind it all belong to a man called Ted Gushue.

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