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10 Apr 2019

Photos by Victor Jon Goico

Making His Marque - exclusive interview with Tony Hatter

From the 993 to the Carrera GT and beyond, Tony Hatter’s career at Porsche has been quite a journey.

Originally from Yorkshire, Tony Hatter has been at Porsche for 31 and has worked on various seminal projects that are indelible in Porsche’s illustrious history. And as you can imagine, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart was the ideal setting for a good grilling. After a walk around the hallowed halls, with Tony pointing out his various automotive canvases - it was time to get down to brass tacks.
“My initial interest in cars, like most young boys, came from Dinky toys, along with my dad bringing various car brochures home as he decided on the next purchase. Then when buying Motor magazine and Autocar, I just became infatuated with cars, racing cars in particular.

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