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21 May 2017

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 928

Read our buying guide and join us at Brooklands to celebrate 40 years of the 928.

The 928 is a Porsche like no other. The styling is a feast of 1970s indulgence with Germanic details from every aspect. The light and airy interior is modernistic for the time and offers 2 + 2 seating while at the car's heart is a glorious, large capacity, all aluminium V8.

With a production run just shy of 20 years, the 928 has now become an affordable, and probably undervalued, classic. Though the 928 cannot be described as agile; with a 50:50 weight distribution, this is a sure-footed, confident machine with a gorgeous soundtrack.

The Club’s 928 Register will be celebrating 40 years of the model at Brooklands Motor Museum on Sunday, 28th May, with tickets still available to purchase on the gate. Join us at the birthplace of British motorsport to enjoy a fascinating collection of all things 928 and take part in a unique photo opportunity on the famous Brooklands banking.

Appropriately, the 928 is the latest Porsche to feature in the Club’s series of buying guides, available to read using the link below.

928 Buying Guide

40th anniversary

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