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15 Jun 2017

Project to build a Full Motion 917 Simulator

Crowdfund campaign aims to bring Le Mans legend to life.

Project 917 plan to build a Full Motion 917 Simulator complete with authentic cabin, actuator movement, impact steering and triple screen rig complete with software to create a unique experience to drive the 1970 Le Mans circuit.

The experience is designed to be an assault on all the senses set up to be physically demanding, intense and noisy to mimic that amazing flat 12 sound and to even replicate the smell of the race car.

'The 917 SIM will be built for a full experience to get the heart pumping and adrenaline flowing for total driving stimulation but of course without the danger!'

The SIM will be built later this year and will be attending various events in 2017 where fans can get behind the wheel and specifically get to drive the 1970 Le Mans circuit.

Fans can buy Drive Vouchers to experience the 1970 Le Mans in our simulator and 917 Drive Club Memberships as well as related rewards to help us build this unique simulator.

You can read more about the project and discover the rewards available to donators here.

Concept art by Chris Beatty

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