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Clubhouse & Resources


The Club's headquarter facilities at Moreton-in-the-Marsh is a spacious modern building with modern meeting and conference facilities in a relaxed Gloucestershire setting.

The Clubhouse is open on a number of ocassions during the year, details of which can be found in the Events Calendar


The Club is priveleged to have a number of valuable resources at its disposal for its members.


Technical Advice

If you need advice on buying a new Porsche or perhaps you are restoring a classic and need technical help, you can contact your Register Secretary or visit the specialist Register area on the Forum.

Buying Guides

The Club is proud to present a new series of independently written buyers' guides for some of Porsche’s most popular pre-owned vehicles currently on the market. The range is set to grow in the near future with more buyers guides already commissioned for future publication. The guides can be found here.

Vehicle valuations

The Club is able to provide members with a free-of-charge valuations service for their Porsche. This process can now be completed online and members wishing to obtain a valuation for their vehicles should click here.

Club archive

The Club has an extensive collection of Porsche related material acquired by the Club since its foundation in 1961. Peter Cook is the Club's present curator who has held the post for more than 15 years. As well as co-ordinating the Club's collection, Peter is often called on to confirm (or otherwise) the provenance of Porsche vehicles for buyers, sellers, insurance companies and auctioneers.

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