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LesGosling PCGB Member
2018/02/25 20:19:51 (permalink)

996 replacement engine

My 2001 996 C4 Cab has had an engine failure at 77K miles and I'm advised by my Porsche Centre that it requires a replacement engine. Does anybody have any recent experience of using the Porsche replacement engine service v going to a third-party like Hartech?  
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andywill PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/25 21:13:45 (permalink)
Hi Les
Thats bad news, I have no direct comparison but have they advised you why, do you know what’s gone?
Are they offering to rebuild or is it a full or half replacement engine, which could cost a fortune.
Had good reports about Hartech, nothing to lose in making a call to get their opinion and way up your options.
Best of luck

Andy Willis.
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C2dweller PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/25 21:21:31 (permalink)
We’re currently performing a rebuild and I would say:
Porsche OE replacement Engine: 20k at an opc.
Used engine: 6k cost + 1k fitting
Rebuild: 5-10k depending on the damage / remedial action.
Lots of assumptions in the above,  but meant as a coarse guide to assist decision making.
kr Lee 

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mok924lux PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/26 11:27:57 (permalink)
I had bore score on my 3.4 - eventually the tap tap required addressing.
I bought the half block from Porsche (with discount) came to about £5k - requires old engine to be exchanged  - CLEANED!
Good indie in North East fitted it.
Replaced a number of parts you would with the engine in this state.
Total cost just under £7.5K.

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chaser PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/26 19:36:44 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby StillWorking 2018/03/25 08:26:16
If you buy an engine from Porsche I am assuming it would be like for like, albeit brand new, so possibly has the same potential to break as the one you have. As I understand it Hartech will carry out modifications and use parts that will prevent those problems occurring, so should be a better investment.
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wibble PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/26 21:33:19 (permalink)
Whilst OPC will say replacement engine, in most cases the engine can be rebuilt. It is much easier to pull out the unit and replace with another. Having the resource to strip down an engine and compliance with warranty adds other factors. I've heard figures around £20k - I was quoted £3k for a single head.
Hartech are regarded as one of the best but many other specialists will take on the task - budget wise 6-8k, depending upon diagnosis. 
I took on the task myself and used a specialist to repair damage using all original parts and opportunity to replace components as needed. My figure came in about £2k excluding my own time (see my blog on member's cars section). Speak to Hartec, JAZ Porsche, RichardH here and reach out to Raby Engine Development (US) specialists on m.96 engine.

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AndrewEllinas Guest of the Club
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/27 17:33:38 (permalink)
Hartech rebuilt the engine in my C4 when it suffered an IMS failure.  They get my vote.

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rob.kellock PCGB Honorary Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/27 19:07:28 (permalink)
Don’t know if this is any use to you but if you are on Facebook, there is a group on there called Porsche Owners UK.  Someone on there is trying to sell a secondhand 996 engine although the comments would suggest that the price is, let’s say, ambitious...
Have tried to upload a screenshot for you but am using my iPhone and can’t work out how to do it, sorry.
The seller is called Daniel Wotton and he lives in Oswestry.  He is asking £10k but says it is tested and has done only 25,000 miles.
I feel your pain, my 996 engine let go at 40k miles when it was 6 years old (roughly) and at that age and stage I felt I had no option but to use Porsche.  I think the engines may have been subsidised then but it still cost me over £10k...
Good luck finding a solution.

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Cayman295 PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/02/27 19:43:36 (permalink)
Hi Les
Just for interest what actually happened to the engine

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thirteeneast PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/03/01 16:26:31 (permalink)
Power button and volume down on any phone
"Any phone from this century"
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robgroves PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/03/03 14:40:01 (permalink)
Just had engine rebuilt by PIE Performance, obviously depending on what damage there is will greatly vary cost, mine had head crack, the repair and rebuild was relatively cheap, but its all the other things you will do while engine is out, IMS, Clutch Flywheel, Oil separator, rings, bearings, chains, tensioners, gaskets etc.
I would budget labour costs at £3k, then its parts from there, my bill came in just shy of £10k.
There are some upgrades i would recommend whilst there, later tensioners, low temp thermostat, 997 oil pickup spring, high flow oil filter, 997 sump baffles or deep sump kit to name a few.
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ianroberts PCGB Member
Re: 996 replacement engine 2018/03/24 11:29:25 (permalink)
My car is currently at Hartech for an engine rebuild as I found borescore on cylinder 6 last year during a PPI.
I researched the options for 6 months before taking the plunge and booking it in with Hartech.
Buying a second hand engine is a false economy IMO. It may well be the cheapest solution but why is the engine available? It may already have problems and even if it hasn't it is as prone to developing the same issue as any other 996/7 engine. Do you have service history with the engine, how many miles does it have on it. At some point in the future it too is likely to develop an issue and if it already has X Thousands of miles on it then it could well be on it's way. Personally it wouldn't fill me with confidence swapping out another used engine.
A new engine from Porsche is expensive. Fitted by an indie then it is similar in cost to a full Hartech rebuild, fitted by Porsche it is likely to cost more than the cars worth. Porsche engines are new old stock and as such they have not addressed the issues in the original design, it will be a like for like swap and so may well develop the same issues in the future. It gives you more peace of mind because of the warranty and that you'd expect to put some miles on it before any issue surfaces.
I opted for Hartech as you retain your original engine (assuming no catastrophic failure) and it is not only repaired it is modified to address these inherent design issues with the coolant flow, the open deck cylinder liners and the lokasil liner material. Hartech also offer upgrades, I'm going for a 3.9 conversion, it is not cheap but in the scheme of things it is only a fraction of the overall rebuild cost and you get back a car with a tangible improvement in performance as well as the peace of mind that the issues have been resolved and backed up by a two year warranty.
Rebuilds by other independents? It's a mixed bag, many remove the engine and send it elsewhere, such as Hartech. My local indie offered that service which is great, especially if your car is a non-runner but it made more sense to me to drive the 300 miles and just take it to Hartech myself. Others use steel liners and aftermarket parts, I personally would avoid this option as I've heard too many horror stories of cars with steel replacement liners failing. I'm sure there are others rebuilding these engines with great success but Hartech has a reputation built on their service, knowledge and product.
But that's just my take on the options.
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