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Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Holland 2018/01/13 16:09:23 (permalink)
   leaves one with an awful taste in the mouth,,,,

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Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Holland 2018/01/13 21:45:07 (permalink)
And I wonder why the forum is declining and why I will never be a member of the club, high handed attitude is totally not needed, 

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Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Holland 2018/01/13 22:29:53 (permalink)
Chaps - draw a line.  You've had your say and your disagreement with an earlier admin post has been made clear.  If you have more to say or disagree with how the forum is run, contact us directly.  Phil started this thread on the topic of Porsche Parade and expanded it to a possible informal tour.  It's simple enough to add to the title and continue on with this subject, please.

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Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Holland 2018/01/14 09:32:53 (permalink)
I think that helpful suggestion might have been made on page one of this thread, rather than the way in which it was handled. The fact that this thread is running in a model area and not the General section is also relevant.
It seems that the way in which this discussion has evolved has some relevance to another thread here. It is interesting that attempts to take that thread off topic (or hijack or even derail it) it came from the Club itself! We certainly do not seem to be making ourselves very attractive to non-members either.
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PhilKent PCGB Member
Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Sans Plomb 2018/01/14 11:47:48 (permalink)
Hi All,
I've not been following this thread much since being accused of breaking the forum rules. It spoiled for me what had the potential for an interesting and inclusive thread that may develop into a combined road trip for Porsche Parade attendees and those interested in a less formal event.
I would dearly appreciate it if we could try to bring this back on-topic. i.e Porsche parade attendees share their itinerary for their road trip and those not formally attending sharing their suggestions for joining in for sections etc.
Grievance with admins or individuals should be directed privately please.
Many thanks,
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iandean PCGB Member
Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Sans Plomb 2018/01/28 15:15:25 (permalink)
I will put this in the general forum - But could I suggest those going to the Parade - that want to talk about schedules and routes or can offer advice if have been before - PM me (or one of us ) to set up an e-mail round robin. My wife and I are going I am not overly worried about advertising the fact as I have little money and the house is guarded by two fairly badly behaved dogs, who also look after the offspring who act as live in security and leeches when I'm away! So it won't be empty if there was anything worth pinching!
Hope to speak to some of you soon.
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zcacogp PCGB Member
Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Holland 2018/01/28 21:37:26 (permalink)
Thread lock approaching.......

D'ya know, I've never quite seen the pun in that phrase before. Thanks for making it clear! 

Now, as we were. Is this thread about Porsche Parade, some other event, or oil? Given Mr Sims's dyslexia I have a right to know!

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Robin PCGB Honorary Member
Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Sans Plomb 2018/01/29 09:28:21 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby iandean 2018/01/29 09:49:57
Hello Ian, we are going to this years parade in Nordwijk in the Netherlands as I said earlier and asked for the booked and paid participants to let Club Office know their names so there was some record as to who was going.
I have made a list of the 24 members in 12 cars that I know have booked, but will not publish their names because some of them do not want their names published.
This secrecy produced the surprise many of us experienced at the last Parade in Slovenia/Croatia in 2016 when we arrived there to find members from all over UK that we didn't know, we do now.
Because we are such a large Club it's impossible to know everyone, but as I said before, there were other smaller Porsche Clubs from Eastern Europe where almost their entire Club  attended and were organised enough to make themselves very visible with group photos with banners and Club regalia.
I thought we as the Continents biggest Club could have done better, but we are an Island people...
I will email you Ian, Robin.

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iandean PCGB Member
Re: Porsche parade Europe 2018 - Sans Plomb 2018/01/29 09:56:23 (permalink)
Morning Robin
Thanks for the note I agree it would be good to have a UK awareness even if we all meet there. I did respond to the office so you should have me listed. To me It seems sensible to get a group email going. Hopefully we will get a few more replies but if you have other responses your could always do an email and perhaps Bcc those that want anonymity for the time being.
Not long to go now look forward to hearing from you
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