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Leaperslair PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2018/08/17 23:00:09 (permalink)
Shame they do not make them for mine ! 
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Strasbourg PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2018/08/18 08:51:47 (permalink)
I managed without removal of the front apron but my back did complain somewhat and I used knee pads which helped me. If you are young I doubt you will have these issues. Positioning the clips was a bit tricky because I was keen to get a professional finish. Otherwise the job went well. You will be pleased with the outcome because these items are OEM quality in finish and shape. I may be wrong but I read somewhere that Zunsport supply OEMs. Meantime congratulations on your Porsche purchase, there are many very happy hours ahead.
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shakingbongo Guest of the Club
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2018/08/18 19:23:07 (permalink)
hi thanks for reply, i think i am young but keep getting told i'm not so will take it easy. hopefully the instructions are straight forward.
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WulsgGT4 Guest of the Club
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2018/08/19 02:40:50 (permalink)
Just a Quick reply ....
Discount code still applies with the Zunsport products,
Made the phone call and was advised the discount code is still live,
Saved myself £35.00
Will upload pics of my GT4 when grills are fitted,
My car is going in for some paint mods,
Getting side airducts painted Matt Black and a new set of door handles painted Matt Black.
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richardjjs1 Guest of the Club
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2018/08/19 08:21:08 (permalink)
Bought the front grills about a month ago when I replaced the Condensore

And the side Grills last week - No sign of a manufacturers name
Next daty ddelivery Not as easy to fit as they suggested I had to take the grills out to get the new grimms behine the black panel behind the grill


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paul183 PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2018/09/06 11:23:27 (permalink)
I bought a pair of front grills for my car last week and they arrived from Zunsport with 2 days. Pleased to say the discount code was still valid when I ordered online.
They were pretty easy to fit too , I'll post some pics up soon.
I also had to clear out quite a bit of debris in the front scoops before I fitted them. Glad they are now fitted before Autumn arrives with all the leaves etc on the road.
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polar964 PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2018/09/07 21:30:40 (permalink)
Just about to order a set.  Contacted Zunsport as there appears to be 2 options for the GTS. With or without ACC.
Adaptive cruise control!!
Apparently there is a camera in the centre aperture of the centre grille!
For those that don't Know (like i didn't)
So Zunsport take account in their supply.
Hope this helps 
Oh and many thanks for obtaining a discount code Kevan.

My set arrived within a few days of placing the order.  Used the discount code too.
So far the service has been excellent, from Zunsports response to questions via email to delivery once order was placed.  Super efficient.
Just got to fit now prior to my trip to Germany and Belgium.  I'll post pics once fitted.

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glen_uk PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2019/04/06 14:43:47 (permalink)
Just had my Zunsport grills fitted. Boxster GTS with ACC, they used my car to test the grills with acc and I'm really happy with the results.
They have now put the 718 with ACC grills up on their website (Boxster and Cayman) -
No increase in any temperatures, actually not seen anything as high as I did before having them which is interesting!
Brilliant service from Zunsport :)
Forgot to ask, does anyone know which Porsche garages allow the grills on and wont affect warranty or should I just remove before taking in?
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Dylan1 PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2019/04/06 18:44:28 (permalink)
Just ordered my grilles for 991S 
still 20% discount 
looking forward to seeing them fitted- they looked great on the 981GTS

Basalt black 991 C2S
Ex2015 Boxster 981GTS agate grey Loved that car
lindas BMW 335 X drive sport touring
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Probbins2000 PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2020/05/29 13:44:32 (permalink)
Discount code still good and is also listed in the Porsche Post.
I have fitted to the side vents on my 718 as i was picking up quite a bit of debris. 
See my youtube clip of unboxing and fitting
I was very impressed so i have ordered the front set too, i have the GTS bumper. I will let you  know how i get on
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Watto750 PCGB Member
Re: Zunsport PCGB Discount Code 2020/10/24 08:12:39 (permalink)
Can confirm code still working purchased grills this week
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