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Servicing-specialist or main dealer?

Dean Peach
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Dean Peach Guest of the Club
2006/10/31 22:49:13 (permalink)

Servicing-specialist or main dealer?

I'm about to have my 1991 964 C4 serviced and I'm contemplating going to a specialist rather than a main dealer. The car has always been serviced at a main dealer in Swindon so far. Does it make any difference being a specialist ie does the service have as much clout on the service history when selling a car on. Are there any main dealers or Specialists in the Midlands (I live in Bednall near Stafford)  anyone on here could recommend ? I'm thinking of Autobahn in Coventry as I have been over and chatted with one of the guys and he seemed very knowledgable and enthusiastic and a nice bloke too. The car has covered 22,400 miles. 

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    ianreeves Guest of the Club
    RE: Servicing-specialist or main dealer? 2006/11/01 07:27:34 (permalink)
    For me it a balance of cost v knowlege. As the car gets older the OPCs are not as 'good; in my mind as they are more upto-date with the newer models.
    There are some very good independants that will look after your car and are more used to working on the 'older' models on a day-to-day basis.
    As to service value, a good independant is often worth more than an OPC stamp in my eye.
    Obviously just my view
    Dave Wilkinson
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    Dave Wilkinson Guest of the Club
    RE: Servicing-specialist or main dealer? 2006/11/01 08:36:04 (permalink)

    By complete coincidence we had a 964 meeting at OPC Swindon a couple of weeks ago and you may find a quote from Jon Kent interesting.

    He said in a recent Yahoo Group post:

    "Andy and I spoke to Richard Denning (Sales Manager) after the meeting.
    He thanked US for bringing a great selection of cars.
    He worked there 12 years as a mechanic, so 964s were his bread & butter.
    He'd lost count of the number of DMFs he'd replaced.
    He also mentioned most of his mechanics had not seen many 964 up close, nevermind worked on them !"

    I think that comment probably holds true for the majority of OPCs.  Unless they have mechanics into their 40s and 50s the chances are that they will have rarely seen a 964.  The independants, however, are a different story and you will find a host of 964 experience.  Being based in Milton Keynes I can't give you any good pointers for indies near you but I'm sure others will come up with some suggestions.

    I agree with Ian in that a service stamp from a respected indie is probably worth more than an OPC for a car of that age.



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    RE: Servicing-specialist or main dealer? 2006/11/01 11:09:24 (permalink)
    I also agree that a good independent service stamp is probably better than an OPC one. That reflects the fact that most indies were OPC technicians at some point who left and set up on their own or were snapped up by someone else who did and most will have dealer training on the cars of 10-20 years ago.

    Something else to consider is that with a 944 S2 for example a full OPC history is a bad thing as that means the chain between the cams will never have been checked and therefore the car will almost certainly need a pair of camshafts, chain and tensioner.

    However the caveat is that people who are coming to the marque for the first time will invariably see a full OPC history on a car as something attractive. Perversely then it is (especially in the case of the 944 S2, but to a certain extent to all older models) not really a good thing but it has a high perceived value. In other words the car will probably be better serviced by a good independent but will have better resale value with all OPC stamps in the book. If it has been outside the OPC network for servicing before then there is absolutely no advantage taking it back there again however, and it's debateable if the exta money you would realise come resale with a full OPC history would not be outweighed by the money you'd save through cheaper an better quality servicing while you own the car.

    I use aspecialist indy for all my cars if that makes any difference, even though the BMW had full dealer history when I bought it.

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    RE: Servicing-specialist or main dealer? 2006/11/01 15:43:16 (permalink)
    Specialist all the way for me.
    Knowledge of the specialist, in my experiance, is far better on the older cars than an OPC.
    + labour rates are usually a lot better, I pay £40 per hr labour for my specialist and he has a real love of air cooled cars.
    Around the midlands you've got GCR in Leicester, Autobaun in Cov and Zentrum in Nottingham to mention a few.
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    Re: RE: Servicing-specialist or main dealer? 2019/05/16 06:42:22 (permalink)
    where ever you go take plenty of photographs with someone to evidence them.
    I took my car to an independant in  Nottingham the guy seemed genuine and very pleasant untill it came to paying for the £1500 worth of damage they did to the car.
    Ripped carpet .Oil spread about the engine compartment /boot. scratched internal panels. brake fluid over the resevoir and down the paint work. and more!!!
    buy a brake fluid tester as when I tested mine when it came back it was at 1% moisture despite them chrging me for changing it!
    their comments were well the "damage was unavoidable" and "we never do any work we consider doesnt need doing"
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    tscaptain PCGB Member
    Re: RE: Servicing-specialist or main dealer? 2019/05/16 08:21:18 (permalink)
    As you have resurrected a nearly 13 year old thread I doubt Dean will reply.....I have edited the previous to comply with forum rules

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