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928 Technical Advice

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adrian928se PCGB Member
2006/03/29 21:08:17 (permalink)

928 Technical Advice

Dear All
Any of you that are PCGB members will see me listed as the technical advisor for the 928.  I don't have the chance to read the forum very often, but if you have a technical query and are a club member, please feel free to call me after 6pm/weekends or email me direct using the contact details in the PCGB mag/register.

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    Brett928S2 Guest of the Club
    RE: 928 Technical Advice 2006/03/30 01:50:14 (permalink)
    Hi Adrian :)
    Thanks from all of us :)
    I will pin this to top of our forum :)
    If anyone cannot get me and I will get in touch for you :)
    All the best Brett :)
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    mtc PCGB Member
    RE: 928 Technical Advice 2011/08/26 19:23:57 (permalink)
    Hi Guys

    When my 4.5l 81 928 has stood for a week or so it starts, runs rough, then cuts out after 30 seconds and wont re start. One breakdown chap advised new HT leads were needed, another that there was carbon in the distributor, what do you think?

     It starts/runs excellently if used every day and after a visit from the breakdown service.

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    Mike_Pollock PCGB Member
    RE: 928 Technical Advice 2011/08/26 22:18:25 (permalink)
    If it the dizzy, it will probably be cracked, barely visible, I had an '83 Lancia HPE in the '80s that would not start until 10.00am if left outside, but would every time, any time if kept in the garage, took me a year to find problem and fit a new dizzy!
    Sounds electrical, but would not rule out fuel pressure regulator. Lancia had a problem with that too! (they are a similar Bosch injection system)

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    mtc PCGB Member
    RE: 928 Technical Advice 2011/08/29 17:04:44 (permalink)
    Thanks Mike, will bear that in mind.


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    iPedro Guest of the Club
    RE: 928 Technical Advice 2011/10/11 20:16:44 (permalink)
    I'm considering a 928. It's a beauty all but one thumbnail sized lifting of the paint on the underside rear edge of the offside rear wing, plus some slight scratches in same location on both sides. I am looking at repainting underside edges of both rear wing edges, and applying some form of protectant, such as a nice thick layer of waxoyl once the job is complete.
    1. Is this repair a standard, feasible repainting task?
    2. How much is it likely to cost (bearing in mind nothing short of a perfect paint finish will be acceptable)?
    3. Are my thoughts on proctecting the new paint finish sensible/have you any other ideas?
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    Bcwjma15 Guest of the Club
    Removing door mirror n/s. wiring.? 2013/05/25 16:30:57 (permalink)
    Ok. Am I being thick or what? I,m removing a door mirror to repaint on a 928, have the mirror removed from doors but still connected by wiring. but how the hell do I get the 2 block connectors through the stem? Don't want to just cut them. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    dealdownup Guest of the Club
    RE: Removing door mirror n/s. wiring.? 2014/04/24 07:47:50 (permalink)
    I have a 1989 low mileage 928s4 man past mot no adv however the abs light not working message has popped on to the digital dash it is not there continuously
    Wheels are std wheels no tps
    Likely problem?
    Cracked wire.
    Faulty abs sensor rusty dirty etc
    Battery power ( new batt fitted)
    Also specialist on a 928 near Chelsea London please

    ian gibson
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    928 gt
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    pauljmcnulty PCGB Member
    RE: Removing door mirror n/s. wiring.? 2014/04/24 08:44:40 (permalink)
    Hi Ian,

    Just to let you know that Adrian last logged in to the forum in 2010, so you might be better calling him for advice!

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    joe.trainor Guest of the Club
    Re: 928 Technical Advice 2016/02/06 14:27:03 (permalink)
    Hi technical folks at PCGB,
    With any luck you can clear up some issues that I am having, both are electrical and maybe they are not difficult to resolve.
    1.  Alarm and central locking:
    - Although the central locking works with the key
    - The remote central locking and alarm fob is intermittent at best.
    Q. Does anyone know if this is a simple process of replacing the battery or more involved?
    2. Flashing light in the central console: between the auto gear lever and glove box
    - This small LED light is not referenced in the users manual
    - This light flashes at all times when the engine is running
    - It is possible that this light has always flashed (as I'm the cars new owner I might have spotted it before).
    Q. Does anyone know what this light is for? and is the flashing normal?
    Much appreciated
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