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Helpful ReplyHot!981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav

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Bartroo14 Guest of the Club
2023/01/23 21:00:03 (permalink)

981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav

Hi, at the weekend through a main dealer I viewed a 2015 Boxster S that did not have a Sat Nav, which I felt was strange. I would appreciate any views if this would put people off buying the car. Many thanks 
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kitchens PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/23 22:17:03 (permalink)
I have it on my 981 but to be honest have used  it once and if it wasn't fitted would not concern me ..I ordered  a new 981 Spyder in 2015 with non sat or phone prep and had no issues selling it on far as your 981 there are better alternatives you can get on your phone I have  been told .
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911hillclimber PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/23 22:22:41 (permalink)
Do you need it?
If so, then the car may not be right for you.
By 2009 987.2 has no sat nave (etc) but the optional headlights that are really good, better value to me than Sat Nav.
I usually travel in the Boxster with my wife who does not use SatNav, only a map no matter where we travel, UK or far further, so Sat Nav is pointless for us.
It may however affect the resale of the car?
On my own I need all the help I can get, so plug in a simple TomTom stuck on the screen when needed. It is 20 years old and perfect for the UK.

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keiththo PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/23 22:51:02 (permalink)
The sat nav on a 2015 car is fairly outdated but I still use mine and google maps on my iphone if I need live traffic info.
I'd not be be too worried if the car didn't have it but I'd check carefully to seem what else it doesn't have, bluetooth and a phone module is essential for me and would be a deal breaker. Also some people have queried the lack of a USB in the glovebox which again is useful.

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elstonc PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/23 22:51:37 (permalink)
Mine has it. It was included as it was an ex-demo car. It’s pretty good but gets outdated and they wanted over £400 to update it. Even then, the maps ma not be fully up to date because they are only revised periodically. I declined!

Now I use my phone stuck in a cradle attached to the windscreen. Much better, and up to date. 

Chris Elston
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CommunityDirector PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/23 23:04:23 (permalink)
I love my Boxster 981S. It has satnav but I broke it about a year ago trying to update the maps!
The maps are very out of date but it would be useful in, for example, in the middle of Scotland when you have no idea where you are and don't have a phone signal for Google maps.
To read an paper map you have to know where you are to start with!!

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JurassicGTS PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/24 06:16:08 (permalink)
If it doesn't have Sat Nav, then it's likely it won't have bluetooth or mobile phone module. This would be far more of an issue for me, so worth checking that.

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dpoynton PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/24 12:14:22 (permalink)
When we specced our Boxster (718S PDK) collected from the factory in September 2016, we opted not to pay for the PCM, which at the time was an extra cost of £1.5K(?).
We decided that we would use a mobile phone based sat nav app if we felt we needed one.
We hardly ever use sat nav in this car due to how and when it is driven.
Coupled with the cost of updates, this (PCM) seems irrelevant to us.
Nowadays of course, it has become standard fitment.

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Wollemi PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/24 13:32:56 (permalink)
The Porsche sat nav is pretty useless, even in the latest models. 

Much better sat nav is available on your phone, I prefer a windscreen holder as its then in line of sight. Tom Tom paid for app has best display, great routing and traffic, good speed camera warnings, Google Maps is free with best search functions and crucially the ability to use and make custom routes, so you can make the sat nav take you where you want to go. Waze is still currently free, good for speed cameras.

All much much better than the built-in. If you don't want a phone in holder, then fit a new head unit with Apple/Android play. 
So, don't worry about it not having built in sat nav except as a bargaining point to get a lower price. 

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Peter_Bull PCGB Honorary Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/01/25 09:27:51 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Will_C 2023/02/07 10:56:40
Despite my 992 being just two years old the sat nav is pretty basic and clunky.  My wife and I use WAZE all the time now and for me its far superior in many ways including alerts for police, potholes, and auto rerouting in the event of road holdups etc. 
Its a free app that you can bluetooth to your PCM screen or just use your phone.

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Will_C PCGB Member
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/02/07 11:00:05 (permalink)
I have out-dated satnav in my 2016 981 and tried it for a month or two when I got the car three years ago but now use Waze all the time in UK and abroad.
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Bartroo14 Guest of the Club
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/02/07 18:28:48 (permalink)
Thank you for your comments 
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Bartroo14 Guest of the Club
Re: 981 Boxster -with no Sat Nav 2023/02/07 18:30:08 (permalink)
Thank you for your comments, I believe we have now found a Boxster S with a much better spec, inc Sat Nav 
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