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Helpful Reply£10 a gallon upcoming!

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WAB172uk Guest of the Club
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/06/17 09:27:16 (permalink)
The way things are going, it'll be £3.00 a litre by the end of the year.
Think is, the price of a Barrel of oil is less now than it was when petrol was £1.20 a litre. So the `Ukraine` is only a means to raise prices and blame something else. The Government don't care. They are recouping the £37 Billion they spent on a Phone app, which I still think is impossible. That's 37 Thousand Million pounds. How can someone charge that? How can someone think that is right, and pay that?
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AndrewCS Guest of the Club
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/09/11 20:09:41 (permalink)
V Power now @ 175p ... 

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ralphmusic PCGB Member
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/09/12 08:38:23 (permalink)
Regular diesel yesterday €1.69 outside Zaragoza and Esso 99 petrol a week ago in Devon £1.69 after WEX discount. In the UK it is very dependent on area and fuel station ownership, the biggest rip-off merchants seem to be M&S branded stations. I always start checking prices on a journey when I get to half full so I can then go to lowest seen price.

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geoff lane PCGB Member
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/09/12 08:58:36 (permalink)
Standard unleaded yesterday at Trago Mills in Devon £1.55

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JohnCRS PCGB Member
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/09/12 10:14:32 (permalink)
Did a trip last week.  Filled up in Dover at Tesco, made it to Luxembourg to refill.  This is by far the cheapest in Europe at € 1.88 for 98 and the price is fixed throughout the (very small) country.  It got more expensive in Heidelburg and far more expensive in Amsterdam €2.24.  A bit lower in Belgium which, with current exchange rates is about the same as UK.  Massive variations at the moment. 
Independents can often be cheaper.  The week before I paid 15p a litre less at an independent in Dunoon, compared to Tesco just across the water from Port Glasgow on the same day.  I asked why he was so cheap and he said he based his price on cost which he paid for at time of purchase.  I also asked why he didn't up his prices as he could make more money and still be cheaper than anywhere else.  He said that the bulk of his customers were locals/regulars who kept him going steadily throughout the year so he protected that income / profit.  Major stations pay 6 weeks after delivery so are basing their prices on what the cost is expected to be.  Having said that, the individual branches are told what to charge and, of course, the independents can take any opportunity to maximise profits.
Complex business - buying futures, anticipating tax changes, foreign exchange costs, delivery costs, maintaining turnover of stock to prevent degradation etc. etc. opportunities for profit / loss at every stage.
It helps to understand a bit, but it is still flippin expensive, even after shopping around. 

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WAB172uk Guest of the Club
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/09/12 10:45:34 (permalink)
It's funny. We are now in a situation where people are relieved prices are around £1.70 a litre.
Just as we are relieved Energy prices are not going to quadruple by January. Forgetting the have been capped around double where they were last January.
Companies are making huge profits, and people are struggling.
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pse_SC PCGB Member
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/09/12 20:24:56 (permalink)

 I also asked why he didn't up his prices as he could make more money and still be cheaper than anywhere else.

A bit of an obvious one, which the grabbing south-east suppliers are only just beginning to realise 

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Lancerlot PCGB Member
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/12/01 11:11:27 (permalink)
I've just paid £1.64 a litre for Esso Supreme in Barnstaple. That's £1.58 with my Club discount fuel card.
So, it's slowly getting better.

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Neil1911 PCGB Member
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/12/01 11:19:04 (permalink)
Premium unleaded was £149.9 at CostCo in Sheffield yesterday, so Esso have a bit to go before they get my custom back.

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Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/12/01 11:42:32 (permalink)
Today paid £1.66.9 Tesco Momentum Cheshunt 
Gone up a penny for last top up.
Only petrol station local really apart from a mega priced shell 3 miles away.

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Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/12/01 13:24:03 (permalink)
I paid $3.34 /USGall yesterday in Florida, I wish I could bring some home with me. 

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WAB172uk Guest of the Club
Re: £10 a gallon upcoming! 2022/12/01 17:39:02 (permalink)
I fear prices will never drop anywhere near where they were 2 years ago. 
The public have still been buying (we have to) so while they can get away with it, the prices will remain artificially high.
Fuel duty is going up 23% next year. Plus VAT on top of that. Was in Hunts budget, but not announced. Another nail in the pockets of small businesses and hard up families.
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