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Re: New Tyres

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kevinkjse PCGB Member
2022/05/30 16:22:04 (permalink)

Re: New Tyres

Hi Guy's
Just had an advisory on the mot slightly cracked front tyres, Toyo ProxesTRI's date stamped 3506 so I think I have had my moneys worth even though 6mm left
Mind you at £50.00 each supply only it seems cheap, trouble is finding someone decent that i can trust to fit them, 
Last time they were fitted the idiot scratched a rim " leave it to me I will get it sorted" fat chance!
Any recommendations Epsom ish

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Dougal Cawley
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Dougal Cawley Guest of the Club
Re: New Tyres 2023/01/19 15:37:46 (permalink)
The best OE tyres should be on here
Should be the proper P7 so you donmt need to fit budget tyres.
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John_Ward PCGB Member
Re: New Tyres 2023/01/21 17:49:38 (permalink)
Biggest new tyre issue that I’ve had since last summer has been getting  fronts and rears from the same manufacturer : 205 55 16 and 245 45 16 on my 1989 skinny Carrera targa turbo.
For the past 10 years she’s had Continental Sport Contacts, but a set of these has been impossible to source.
Funnily enough, the only make that I could get all 4 from for sensible money was Toyo. I’ve had these before on more track oriented 911s and I wouldn’t regard them as a budget tyre - they do the job they’re designed for, but longevity hasn’t proved a strong point!
My 1976 3.0 turbo still has 15” Bridgestone SO2s fitted, but they won’t last forever.

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Dougal Cawley
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Dougal Cawley Guest of the Club
Re: New Tyres 2023/01/23 14:30:56 (permalink)
I would say a Toyo is not to top brand tyre. I think the whole idea of sensible money is difficult to understand. makeing high performance tyres is not cheap. it isn't just the purchase cost of a car like a Porsche 930 that make it an difficult thing to own. Running costs are also substantial. There are 2 possible options of tyres for your car in those sizes:
Pirelli P7 - probably the best. This is the tyre that Porsche themselves recomend with the N homologation. It was also OE so it does have  a carcass perfectly suited to your chassis set up, which will have been tuned on the P7.
Michelin SX MXX3 - another brilliant tyre. to my knowledge the tyre that has the most x's in its description. 
But i think really what i am trying to say, is that these are not expensive for what they are, yes it does add up to a large credit card bill, but tough luck. suck it up. that is Porsche 930 ownership for you.
Sorry that doesn't sound very nice, not a very good sales pitch is it, but i am sure your experience of every other bit of that car is very much along the same lines. Posher more performance luxury cars cost more to run.
If it might make you feel better have a look at these prices for XJS Jag tyres.
They are the same price or more than your tyres.
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