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Hot!Rear light cluster replacement

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Gordonson PCGB Member
2021/10/27 22:38:22 (permalink)

Rear light cluster replacement

Hi all,
Suffering the classic leak in the 997.2 rear light cluster. It's fogged up and occasionally tripping an alert.
Porsche want just shy of £700 to replace. 
Besides chasing down a scrap dealer, does anyone have any suggestions for where I can get a cheaper replacement?

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ralphmusic PCGB Member
Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2021/10/28 08:54:01 (permalink)
I recall one owner on another forum saying he had drilled a small diameter hole in a rear light lens to allow the moisture to evaporate. This is not an approved modification but if you are prepared to throw away the misted one and buy a replacement it might be worth first seeing if the internet throws up any positive experiences from this approach.

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Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2021/10/28 08:57:16 (permalink)
These are on backorder until March next year
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guitarplayer63 PCGB Member
Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2021/10/28 10:40:50 (permalink)
I had this exact same issue.
From memory there is one or two torx screws holding the cluster in at the very rear of the car and one connector for the whole assembly - you get to it by popping the rear lid up - the part of the assembly pointing to the front of the car is simply a push fit.
I drilled a hole or two in the underside of the assembly which worked fine for a while, though eventually sunlight started interacting with the moisture and it turned black.
At that point I replaced it. To buy a new one is probably around £400 without fitting - shop about on the internet - dont forget your PCGB membership will get you 10% discount from Porsche directly. Their "generous" fee of fitting probably includes an hour of labour (and this really is a 5 minute job as was pointed out to me by a very helpful Porsche Service Manager). I'd also look on eBay and see if anyone happens to be selling one that doesn't suffer from moisture.
Good luck sorting it, it's a nuisance and not too pretty to look at.
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malarcy PCGB Member
Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2021/10/28 10:43:44 (permalink)
I would pull it - drill a small hole as suggested above (if its got visible water in it)  - then stick it in the airing cupboard for a few days. Then go round the seams with a sealant and plug the hole - did that with my centre brake light on the boxster (that had visible water sloshing around in it)- all still good 18 months later
That said - I think the some lights are vented ( I know 718's have this) , and are therefore designed to "fog" and then clear - don't know if that true for 997.2 rears - but if there is a vent somewhere - is it blocked ?

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Gordonson PCGB Member
Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2021/10/28 16:25:40 (permalink)
This is all brilliant stuff, guys, thanks so much.
I think I'm gonna pop it out, drill and dry.

Yeah - they're back order for AGES, so there's no point in asking for a replacement now.
Will report back on how I get on in a few....
Thanks again folks!
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polzee PCGB Member
Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2022/06/17 21:46:04 (permalink)
Were you successful in fixing the issue? Mine are both letting in water and as the cracks are quite visible, I would prefer to replace but they're on back order, with no indication of when they may arrive (Design911), so repair may help for now.
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Gordonson PCGB Member
Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2022/06/18 11:52:11 (permalink)
In the end I had to get a new light from design 911 - I ordered the OEM and waited months with no sign. Called them and 'upgraded' to the official Porsche one for an extra hundred. It miraculously was available the next week 😂.
If the light still works, I'd take them off, drain them, check they work, then get them wrapped in protection film to seal them off!
Good luck.
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Boris PCGB Member
Re: Rear light cluster replacement 2022/07/22 11:45:09 (permalink)
Hi there. Had no leaks on the lights but replaced them with smoked LED's as a minor update. Also replaced the front side/indicators with DRL's. IMO they look really good. Have kept the old units in case the next owner wants to revert to original. Just a thought.

N T Walker
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