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Re: Is your car an idiot magnet? 2021/04/09 17:17:32 (permalink)
As an avid adherent to the “3-second rule” 

I thought it was “only a fool breaks the 2 second rule”, has it gone up to 3 due to inflation?🙂
Whenever I’m feeling “holier than thou” and see someone driving faster than I think they should be I say “any idiot can speed and you’ve just proved it” 😀

Better safe than sorry Andrew. 

And I think that it’s the IAM who recommended 3-seconds rather than 2 … and in the dry, of course!

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Re: Is your car an idiot magnet? 2021/04/09 20:18:47 (permalink)
I also agree with all your views. But is it becoming worst post lockdown ? Not used Boxster yet this year but been out recently in the daily driver and the roads in Hampshire appear full of wannabe racing drivers, desperate to get by only to get caught in the next queue ❗️I don’t think it’s just our Porsche cars attracting attention.
People have become accustomed to less traffic during lockdown and it could just be that everyone is getting so frustrated with the amount of traffic congestion now that we are all on the roads together.
During our 2019 3000mile tour through France, Switzerland and Germany we experienced a far better standard of driving, the population appear to have a better appreciation for nice fast cars, but it could just be a case of less cars per km.
Driving in the UK is fast loosing its appeal.

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Re: Is your car an idiot magnet? 2021/04/09 22:05:03 (permalink)
Same scearios here in the West Midlands.
I now drive at speed limits which people respect and follow, or get naffed off very quickly and overtake on double white etc.
This is a 250 BHP Boxster. Everyone must beat it, all ages and both sexes of driver, everyone is in their way, everyone esp the prat in the sports car, 250 BHP is today not enough, a good oil burner will match it.
I also have a 1973 911 with a 3.2 in it. Pale yellow and a nice small old car, really small, but every Range Rover Sport MUST tailgate and roar past, no matter what.
Dubioous lads in low Golfs smile and wave with thumbs up and iPhones filming.
Old ladies ask to sit in it at petrol stations and all that is good.
just try driving a Boxster on a sunny day, at the speed limit with the roof down.
I too ama 3 seconds gap driver, no matter what I'm driving.

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Re: Is your car an idiot magnet? 2021/04/10 12:13:43 (permalink)
I used to find that the occasional battered Zafira-driver would try to prove a point when I had my 911s, but less so with the Panamera. I agree that there seems to be more aggressive driving on the roads at the moment, and as others have said it’s probably a reaction to lockdown, like increased littering, demonstrations and the odd riot. Humans at their worst. The best advice I was given for tailgaters, when I did my IAM test, was to respond by allowing more space to the vehicle in front of you, so if they stop suddenly you can bring your car and the one up your chuff to a controlled stop without getting rammed from behind. Can’t wait for my Cayman GTS to arrive later this year, and we’ll see if it attracts more idiocy...

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Re: Is your car an idiot magnet? 2021/04/10 15:55:35 (permalink)
I can empathise with all of the comments expressed. In my Cayman days it was Audi drivers that were the bane of my life, especially the RS varieties. As well as tailgating me, if I came up behind one at a dual carriageway roundabout they would floor the accelerator on the exit just to show how fast their RS is. 
I also agree with the comments on white vans. On my many tours south of the border on motorways, I've lost count of the number of times a Sprinter van has passed me doing 90mph plus, often in the wet. No way would these vans be able to stop safely at that speed with their high C of G and skinny tyres.
Having also done several European tours I would agree with the comments about generally good driving standards on the Autobahns. They don't seem to be fazed by fast sports cars coming up behind them and the majority give way to faster traffic very promptly.
I am fearful of the forthcoming tourist season in the Highlands where I live. There will be many visitors who have never experienced single track roads with passing places, nor winding roads with adverse cambers and tightening bends. No doubt I shall have a few tales to tell by the end of the summer season.
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Re: Is your car an idiot magnet? 2021/04/10 16:15:31 (permalink)
Been out for a very enjoyable drive in the Arctic sunshine. Was hassled three times in 65 miles. 

I was acquired by a three-up chav gunship at the turnoff from a roundabout on the A69... an old BMW, lowered with blacked out everything and a stupid exhaust. I got out of its way as fast as I could but it loitered for a while, clearly hoping I’d pick up the challenge. When it sped off in a cloud of smoke I theatrically coughed and waved my hand about as if I was choking to death. I immediately felt like a stupid child. The other two were a Civic Type R and Audi TT. My car seems to have an incredible effect; you can tell when these cretins have clocked you because they suddenly start driving  very very fast and pulling every manoeuvre with sudden sharpness. I managed to contain my inner chimp with these two, and kept my blinkers on. It was quite satisfying. 
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