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medazzling PCGB Member
2021/03/06 01:01:59 (permalink)

Starter Motor

hi, pretty sure my starter motor has jammed so when I turn the key I just get the heavy click. To add to my issue there is not much spare room in the garage its stuck in.
I've tried rocking it in gear without joy, any other ideas to get me started?
Option 2 is to try and change the unit? I'm a basic home mechanic, not an expert but do regular servicing and brakes for example, so anyone tried this change and could give a view on whether this is something to try in my position? I can get into the engine bay ok but not under the sides or to jack the car if needed.
Thanks in advance 

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Car52 PCGB Member
Re: Starter Motor 2021/03/06 09:01:42 (permalink)
I’m no expert but mine was doing same a week ago, thought it was starter motor and did the rocking in gear thing to no avail ... turned out to be battery after all, put new battery on and instantly sorted ... 🤔 

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Re: Starter Motor 2021/03/06 09:07:00 (permalink)
Hi Darren
Not an easy job as you need to jack the car up put on axle stands 
lower the gearbox, too remove the two holding allan key nuts.
one of them is very awkward.
Tow start the car with your best mate. get car on a lift  still not an easy job.

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Re: Starter Motor 2021/03/07 07:29:26 (permalink)
Thanks for the feedback guys. Pretty sure the battery is OK, been on conditioner over the winter, so I guess its going to be the tow job as its a tricky job with the starter. Cheers
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geedee PCGB Member
Re: Starter Motor 2021/04/03 14:34:35 (permalink)
Just web wandering and wondered if you resolved your starter issue..?  Along with battery issues earth leads can often be an issue,  the one at the battery or the one running from the strap providing earth from the chassis to the engine gearbox assembly. it can be due to the lead it`s self rotting internally which can be as the result of it`s location under the car for the engine gearbox earth strap. Check the battery terminals for any corrosion or signs of heat indicating they ay not be clean and tight, it can be good practice to remove the bolts securing the earths to the bodywork and cleaning the faces where they make contact. 
With poor connections anywhere in the circuit it can lead to a drop in voltage at the starter which may supply only enough to operate the solenoid and no more. 
Happy to chat further if you think I might be of assistance.
Never owned a 3.2 but repaired the starter of my SC in the Auchranie hotel car park a few years back at a PCGB event on the Island of Arran.. (-: 
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