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kevan.weetman PCGB Member
2020/09/21 21:39:50 (permalink)

Advice Recommendation re Ceramic

I am waiting on delivery of my new car and researching ceramic coating. Had it on my 718 and the car always looked first class. It was done and just added to the bill, without any consultation.
It is itemised on the order form for the new car and it is £799.
I am tempted to seek other quotes from an external supplier but would need a recommendation to trust with my new toy.
Experiences/suggestions would be appreciated.
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RandallF PCGB Member
Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/21 22:07:25 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby kevan.weetman 2020/09/21 22:15:01
Hi Kevan,
Following much research, I applied Suntec Ultra PPF from the A pillar forward and then had GTechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating applied all over, including on top of the PPF following a full detailing by DDB Detailing of North Shields.   Have to say this has saved my front end on countless occasions from stone chips. The detailing really does make the paintwork pop and removes most of the imperfections like ghosting and swirling, and a bonus is that the hydrophobic coating is a pleasure to wash. Well worth every penny and found the service provided by DDB Detailing to be excellent. 

Suggest you pay them a visit and have a chat with them. 


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Eldavo PCGB Member
Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/21 22:10:30 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby kevan.weetman 2020/09/21 22:13:51
There’s a strong chance that Porsche Newcastle may be subbing the job out to DDB anyway as he’s around the corner from them. Go direct and have a chat through options, as Randall said he can advise on PPF as well as ceramic coating and it‘s all done in-house. 

He can probably get the car dropped off with him prior to it’s PDI too so it’s sorted for handover day. 

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kevan.weetman PCGB Member
Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/21 22:12:55 (permalink)
Newcastle Porsche apply Gen-3 Ceramic, I have seen DDB, they are 3 minutes from Silverlink. I would like to think there was very little in the way of paint rectification on a new one.....
Thanks for the info. Were they reasonable on price?
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Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/21 23:16:05 (permalink)
I would like to think there was very little in the way of paint rectification on a new one.....

You’d be very surprised.... And much is down to the skill of the PDI team and the time they are granted to prep it. 

as Eldavo has suggested, if I was taking delivery of a brand new vehicle, and was contemplating either PPF and/or ceramic coating, I’d be pushing for the main dealership NOT to touch the paint - hell, not even to remove any transit film etc. Then the detailer can work on the paintwork from scratch (no pun intended!), check paint depth across the entire vehicle, and isn’t dealing with any minor issues the PDI process may have introduced.... 
on lesser brands, PDI is a process allotted a time restriction. I was often questioned “why a one-man detailer in a small industrial unit could achieve better results in 2 days than the millions spent on R&D by VW“ on my then new VW CC. Easy - PDI maybe An hour on paintwork, vs 2 days of work by a highly skilled specialist not constrained by time to get the vehicle out the door and jump onto the next.
I thought the Black Pesrl paintwork looked great upon delivery. It absolutely popped after I had the car detailed 2 weeks later.
Heard good things about DDB. Wish I’d used them a year ago when I had the BGTS and our Macan S minor paint correction and ceramic coatings applied. Product used is decent, but attention to detail (see what I did there!) somewhat lacking for 
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kennyrobinson PCGB Member
Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/23 09:25:18 (permalink)
iv'e always used a company in Cowgate (Newcastle) to do all my car in PPF - Venture-shield on Ponteland Road. Worth every penny & saves your a absolute fortune over the years
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Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/24 08:26:02 (permalink)
on my 991.2 I have used Suntec PPF via John at Cowgate much cheaper than Porsche Glasgow. Like Randall have had mine Gtech Halo x2 over PPFand x2 crystal on the rest of the bodywork by Chris at South Sheilds.
I have used the G Tech on the wheels (a nightmare on a GTS as they have a central locking wheel nut that is a nightmare to remove so did them on the car) and the G tech glass system. Car is now a dream to keep clean and protected.
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Peter_Bull PCGB Honorary Member
Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/24 09:51:07 (permalink)
If its not too far for you guys, I have been recommended, by Mike Trotter RO R22, to use
Martin MacKay also uses them.
Mike had his 992 done recently and my own 992 will be going straight to them when I do the handover at the PC in November.
I went to look at the place on Monday and it was absolutely spotless.  Steve the owner is a really nice guy too. 

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Re: Advice Recommendation re Ceramic 2020/09/24 10:06:09 (permalink)
I have seen Mikes car at the last Sallys cafe coffee and cakes. The guy who did the work is spot on and made a beautiful job 
I believe that Mike is attempting to arrange a joint workshop between the areas with his guy there to give some sort of demo 
Mike is most certainly the guy to talk to on any detailing since he has won so many competitions with his better than out of the showroom Boxster.
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