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2020/06/19 18:34:43 (permalink)

Three Macans

I promised Clive I would write of my experiences of my Macan’s so far. It’s not my intention to bore you all senseless or preach to the converted, they are my personal comments and please feel free to disagree, comment or ignore as you feel apt.
I have been lucky enough to own three Macan’s, GTS, TPP and Turbo (Gen 2) in the last four years.
Thought I’d split into three parts in case you lose the will to live part way through.
GTS (Gen 1 March 2016)
My Macan history dates back to 2014 when I spotted a Macan Turbo at the PEC. I decided to book a 90min session to test its capabilities under instruction. Bear in mind my car at the time was a Volvo XC60 D5. As you can imagine  I was immediately impressed by it on track and how it was keeping up with “proper” sports cars. Yes, I know Clive, you would probably advocate those were inadequate drivers in front and it would be no contest for you, but it was still impressive none the less.
When you look back there was nothing else on the market at the time that came close performance and handling wise. It also felt “special” in the cabin with excellent attention to detail and finish. It’s also great fun at the PEC where you can explore the car’s limits and see how low an mpg you can achieve. Anything above 11 mpg and you weren’t trying hard enough.
On the way home I stopped at Porsche Silverstone and took their SD for a test drive. It was my first visit to a Porsche centre and it did feel special. A professional, unflustered, calm environment which reminded me of an Audi showroom some 15 years ago. 
After having just driven driving the Turbo flat out round the PEC circuits, I was slightly underwhelmed by the performance of the diesel.  I missed the pull right up the rev range and the glorious sound of the 3.6li engine. Don’t wish to offend anyone,  the SD’s  are very good cars and probably if they were still available would still be the best selling variant.
It was not for me though. If I was covering 30k miles a year that would be different. I placed a deposit for a Macan Turbo in October 2014 with an estimated delivery of 18 months.
After 12 months I became bored with waiting, and began ringing round other dealers to check if they had stock. Never be afraid of ringing other dealers in your search of a car, all SE’s are different, find one you like. I happened to ring Porsche Solihull the day The GTS (Gen 1 ) was announced. The SE I really liked, (Female!)  said I could have their first one in March 2016. I paid another deposit, this time on a car I’d never driven. I had two deposits down, just had to decide which way to go.
I was not popular with Porsche GB as they found out I had two Macan’s on order, a very sought after car at the time. I decided to go with the GTS  a variant normally the sweet spot within the Porsche range.
On to spec. Once you start ticking those boxes where do you stop. I ticked most of them it seems, thinking it would be a keeper. As you know a base price Macan doesn’t look bad but when you add what is essential or what you like it adds up. 71k in my case.
I’m not a fan of grey, white, or  black. I do like sapphire blue but carmine is my favourite. GTS interior in red with alcantara makes, for me, a very nice “warm” interior. The alcantara is warm in winter, cool in summer and less slippery than leather. 
Looking back the option list was long:
LED’s  (must have)
F&R Park assist with camera, (must) Surround view maybe?
Sport design mirrors
Sport chrono, it’s expected on a GTS
75li Tank (You need the bigger tank mpg circa 21)
20” Spyders
Front seat heating
18 way memory seats
Navigation module and Connect plus (not standard in 2016, included car play)
Sunroof (don’t think I ever opened it)
Probably could have stopped there but:
Roof rails (to hide the sunroof!)
Air suspension
PTV Plus (thought it might help off road or snow/ice)
Adaptive cruise
Heated steering wheel (one of my most favourite options)
Light comfort
Keyless (controversial but I like it)
Power steering plus
Spare wheel.
Speed limit indicator
One mistake, not having side blades in body colour, too “Cactus” like.
It was a great car to have. Very few GTS around then,  and even less in carmine. At the time it was probably the best handling SUV on the market. An absolute joy to drive and sooo comfortable.  Many admiring glances, and that noise on start up just begs you to drive it.
But, and there’s  always a but, for me at least, it wanted to be in sport mode all the time. It’s a GTS and wants to be driven with gusto, something just not possible all the time on our crowded roads. I found myself changing down in comfort and up in sport to achieve optimum driving style for me. Then there’s the location of the sport and sport plus button on the centre console. Why oh  why did they not make sport or sport plus an option for the “diamond” button, rather than taking your eyes off the road to find the sport button.
It’s still a great all round family car and for those wanting a sporting drive it’s great. The GTS badge will always retain a good residual value, if you’re looking for a petrol Macan surely one to consider.
Should I have bought the Turbo? (Gen 1).
When I went to the PEC,  for the half day session back in Spring 2016, I took my own car round (they had no GTS available at the time) and pitched it against a Turbo.
I came away, with nicely bedded in brakes, and the conclusion that another 40bhp was marginal in performance and I wouldn’t change to a Turbo……….
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New Macan Turbo
Macan TPP sold
Macan GTS Gen 1 sold

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Re: Three Macans 2020/06/28 16:36:35 (permalink)
Hi Tiller,  I'm one of those SD owners!  New at Sept 2015 and 25,500 miles now. I love it and its a good as the day it left the showroom.   I do want to trade it for a new Turbo, as soon as I can relax about my trade in price and the cost of the Turbo + those 'extras' :-)
Totally agree about the Diamond button - Cant imagine how Porsche missed that.
Macan SD
997 Carrera 4S
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Re: Three Macans 2020/06/28 20:57:53 (permalink)
Hi Barry
I have little personal experience of the SD, only friends that have them (and love them).  Think Porsche have missed a trick by dropping the SD until the EV or Hybrid versions arrive.
At 25k miles yours is only just run in and taken the major depreciation hit. You have high torque and good mpg with your SD, but with your annual mileage you might well consider/justify a turbo, remember life‘s too short!

New Macan Turbo
Macan TPP sold
Macan GTS Gen 1 sold
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Re: Three Macans 2020/06/28 21:53:58 (permalink)
.... you might well consider/justify a turbo, remember life‘s too short!

I agree entirely, ....................... though I may be a little biased. 

2016 - 718 Boxster S PDK - agate grey
2019 - Macan Gen2 Turbo - Sapphire Blue.
Previous Porsche; 2014 Macan S, 2006 Cayman S, 2003 996C2, 1998 Boxster
Location: Near Ashbourne, Derbyshire
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Re: Three Macans 2020/06/29 21:31:53 (permalink)
Having convinced myself the move up to a Turbo (Gen 1) from a GTS (Gen 1) was not that significant, I heard a rumour in Summer of 2016, that there might be a Macan Turbo S on the way. I expressed an LOI with two dealers.
In September I had a call from my (friendly) SE to say a  Macan Turbo with a Power Kit  had been announced and I could  have their first one, with a December (2016) build slot. For some strange reason this variant was known as the Macan Turbo with Performance Pack. An increase in power of 40hp over the standard Turbo and therefore 80hp over my GTS making 440. It came with PASM as standard with 15mm lowered suspension, 600nm of torque, and uprated brakes.
I placed a deposit on another Macan I’d never driven.
In November I had to agree terms and lock the spec. One condition of the deal was to trade my GTS back to the OPC. At that time the GTS was in short supply, they agreed a trade in of 69k. Just 2k under list.
The spec I chose was almost identical to the GTS except the addition of surround view.
The car was delayed and finally arrived in February 2017. I agreed to let my GTS go and wait for March 1st Delivery.
Interestingly the tracker was still working, which I followed for a few weeks. It showed up near Banbury where it appeared not to move. Tempted though I was, to sound the horn remotely, I refrained! It turned out to be at T H Boler Automotive. It was there for a while. The last time I saw it advertised was at 66k - win some loose some I guess.

 I picked up the TPP in March 2017. Again Carmine Red. (Hoping the wife and neighbours would not notice a car change) I nearly went with Saffhire blue this time but it comes back to the interior colour. This time the Turbo interior with contrasting red stitching. Alcantara not leather again. You spend most of your time in the car, you might a well make it a nice place to be. Not so keen on the “Turbo” embossed on the headrest, rather eighties I felt.

Within the first mile of driving it I knew it was going to be a great car. From leaving the first roundabout I could feel the extra torque (600nm) and the effortless acceleration even in comfort mode. Great sound from the 3.6li engine too.
It’s basically a GTS on steroid.  A 0-60 of 4.4 secs and larger grooved 390mm disc’s on the front and 356mm on the rear. Surprisingly, it returned 1 or 2 average  mpg better than the GTS at 23, and the insurance £20 less.

Some say the GTS is the sweet spot in the Macan range, but for me it would be the TPP without question.
If you are looking for a Gen 1 GTS, Checkout  a TPP before you decide!
Can the Gen 2 Macan Turbo top the TPP......

New Macan Turbo
Macan TPP sold
Macan GTS Gen 1 sold
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