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fergusor PCGB Member
2020/01/16 16:51:28 (permalink)

Financing a 718 GT4

Hi all.
I currently have a 2017 718 Cayman that I paid cash for.  I also have a MINI that I use as my everyday car (though that only really gets used at weekends!!) and my partner has a company car that we use for longer distances.
As I paid cash for the 718, and I have the MINI for everyday use, it means I'm a bit reluctant to use the 718 on rainy/wet days so the car hardly gets any use.  I've had it just over 2.5 years now and only have 2995 miles on the clock.  And as a result I don't participate in many Porsche shows or activities as it's usually bad weather and I don't want to get the 718 wet!!
So I was wondering if people could give me their opinion on an idea I have.  I'm thinking of selling the 718 and the MINI (which I have on a PCP) and maybe getting a 718 GT4 on a PCP deal.
Having only the one car will make me use it more, and putting down a large deposit will mean I'm paying only £100 more a month than I do currently for the MINI.
Is this a good way of getting a GT4?  Would I be mad selling the 718 that I paid cash for and getting another one on finance?
I look forward to your opinions.

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Gazoak PCGB Member
Re: Financing a 718 GT4 2020/01/16 17:06:02 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Fletch88 2020/01/16 22:03:29
Hi Richard,
Judging by what you have said, you would probably not use the GT4 any more than the 718 and that is if you can convince the OPC to sell you one. The other issue if they will is that they will in all likelihood take your pants down when trading in, particularly as they have now re-launched the GTS with a flat 6 so you may be shocked at what they offer you even with such a low mileage. Also Porsche finance isn't cheap. Don't worry too much about the rain, just avoid the winter salt and enjoy the 718, ditch the Mini and put the rest towards your holidays.

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Re: Financing a 718 GT4 2020/01/16 17:21:33 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Fletch88 2020/01/16 22:03:24
I can't answer your question but I think financing will be the least of your problems. You'd need to talk to your Dealership, but if the 718 is your first and only purchase I doubt that you'd be able to get anywhere near a GT4 allocation at the moment, PCP deal or not.
Personally I'd stick with the 718 and try to get out and use it much more for Club events, etc., rain or shine. And if it gets wet and dirty ... clean it..!
Although a GT4 can be used as a daily drive, I wouldn't say it's ideal for that purpose owing to the firm suspension set-up and semi-slick tyres. Imagine trying to drive it in wet, windy and icy winter conditions? Surely the latest 718 GTS 4.0 would be a much better fit under those circumstances, and there's probably more chance of you getting one than a GT4 too.

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Brian_Innes PCGB Member
Re: Financing a 718 GT4 2020/01/16 19:35:49 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Fletch88 2020/01/16 22:03:11
Richard, forget the GT4. Instead buy a used 718 Cayman GTS PDK. According to the pundits, the OPC showrooms will be full of them at a drop-down price now the 982 GTS 4.0 is announced. The 718 2.5t GTS PDK is a better car for touring use than a GT4, and faster too.

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PHB1969 PCGB Member
Re: Financing a 718 GT4 2020/01/16 21:35:32 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Fletch88 2020/01/16 22:03:16
Richard, forget the GT4. Instead buy a used 718 Cayman GTS PDK. According to the pundits, the OPC showrooms will be full of them at a drop-down price now the 982 GTS 4.0 is announced. The 718 2.5t GTS PDK is a better car for touring use than a GT4, and faster too.

I think you are right and this may be the route I go down.....
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Dylan1 PCGB Member
Re: Financing a 718 GT4 2020/01/17 07:55:34 (permalink)
In the current market you’ll be lucky to get near £30k for your 718 and possibly even mid to late 20,s 
I’d keep it and use it 

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AndrewCS Guest of the Club
Re: Financing a 718 GT4 2020/01/17 08:41:34 (permalink)
Dylan1 I’d keep it and use it

Agreed ... assuming that you actually like the car, it is surely quick enough 95% of the time ! ? 

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