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718 Cayman Tyres

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2019/10/14 14:57:27 (permalink)

718 Cayman Tyres

I have been an avid reader of posts and responses on this forum for the past 12 months. From considering my purchase, to taking the plunge and throughout my first 9 months of ownership. It has been an extremely helpful resource so far and I am sure that will continue.
As a brief background, I bought the car in January (2019). At the time is was just over 12 months old and with 2,750 miles on the clock. It is my first Porsche and is modestly specified as that was my only route into the brand from an affordability point of view. Plus to their credit, Porsche Cardiff gave me an unbelievable deal!
The time has now come to change the rear tyres. It is currently running the stock Pirelli's. Similar to other comments I have seen on the forum, it is not my preferred tyre of choice and I have had great experiences with the Michelin Pilot Sport range. However, finding alternatives is proving very difficult. 
Out of habit my first port of call was to search the national groups (Kwik Fit, Halfords, ATS, National etc.) but surprising to me none stock 265/45/18's in the ordinary course. Local branches are required to source tyres independently. As you can imagine, this has proven difficult and if and when quotes have been returned, expensive! I have never used sites such as Blackcircles and Motokiki but both returned options for Pirelli, Michelin PS and Goodyear EF1A's, the latter 2 I would much prefer.
Porsche Cardiff have quoted me for 2 new Pirelli's, not too dissimilar to the price on the comparison sites. On asking for alternative options I was told Michelin no longer produce front or tyres for my required size and as Porsche do not hold stock over 12 months it is not something they could help with. Goodyear have stopped producing tyres for the front but still produce rear tyres. As above, the Goodyear's would be my preferred choice and are slightly cheaper than the Pirelli's.
However, as I have Pirelli's on the front Porsche Cardiff will not allow me to have Goodyear's on the rear. It is the first time I have come across that response from any tyre provider. I understand the logic behind tyre mixing but slightly shocked that Porsche would refuse to supply tyres on the basis that the brands differ between both axles. The only option would be to change all 4 tyres (the fronts not due for at least another 5k) and there is no manufacturer that still supplies both front and rears?!
It has left me a little stumped as it seems I am left with the choice of replacing the Pirelli's like for like via Porsche or using Blackcirlces (which I am slightly hesitant of) and potentially running into the same problem further down the line.
It would be interesting to hear of any other similar experiences and/or views. 

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Re: 718 Cayman Tyres 2019/10/14 15:11:00 (permalink)
If you are on warranty (factory or extended), having the same Porsche approved tyres on all wheels will be a requirement.
From a safety point of view, having all tyres of one type is much safer because fronts and rears will have been developed with the same wet/dry/handling characteristics.
If you are running without warranty you have more freedom to choose tyres of the correct size/profile/load specification. But, Michelin Cup2 for Porsche models are different to Cup2 for Mercedes so it is better to stay within a tyre manufacturer's recommended tyres for a particular model.
As to sourcing, Camskill are often overlooked, they are supply only so a local fitter would be required.

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Re: 718 Cayman Tyres 2019/10/14 15:26:14 (permalink)
Tyres can be a bit of a dilemma!
How much have Porsche quoted you for the two rears? 
Would you consider changing all four to an alternative if you don't like the Pirellis?
Although I have a 981, the sizes are the same as yours, and I used for one of the replacement cycles. They ship from Germany and will ship to a preferred fitting centre in UK free of charge. Currently they offer the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric2's in 265/45/18's N0 (Porsche fitment) for £150 each and the front 235/45/18's for £122 each.
You would need to pay for the fitting locally of course. 

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keiththo PCGB Member
Re: 718 Cayman Tyres 2019/10/14 15:41:16 (permalink)
I had different brands on my 987 Boxster and was advised by an ex Porsche gold technician to change them for the same brand as it could cause issues with PSM. It is as previously said a Porsche requirement if you have warranty.
I have always found Porsche Cardiff competitive for tyres and they take more care than some other fitters. Also you can reclaim £50 under the club scheme with Pirelli.

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Brian_Innes PCGB Member
Re: 718 Cayman Tyres 2019/10/14 16:26:48 (permalink)
Never mix tyre brands on any Porsche.
Michelins are by far the best tyres for your 718 Cayman. Try for your 18" sizes. Unfortunately Michelin PS4S N0 are only available in 20" sizes.

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Re: 718 Cayman Tyres 2019/10/14 17:12:22 (permalink)
I concur with what others have said.
Your car is still under factory warranty and so to avoid possible invalidation you need to have N-rated tyres of the same make on both axles. Note that there can be a significant difference between N-rated and non N-rated tyres of the same make and size.

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BrianJ PCGB Member
Re: 718 Cayman Tyres 2019/10/15 08:56:48 (permalink)
Pedantic Porsche Centres will not only insist on the same brand and model of tyre but also the same N rating. So you can't have (say) Pirelli PZero N0 on the front and N1 on the rear if the car is under warranty. I was always very happy with Michelins on my previous Porsches and not that impressed with PZero N0s with which my car was originally fitted. However, N1s are a noticeable improvement, particularly the ride, which is significantly smoother. The N numbers may be different on different wheel sizes - my comments relate to 20".
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Re: 718 Cayman Tyres 2019/11/01 15:55:17 (permalink)
Goodyears via Camskill or mytyres if you're running on 18"s and want N-spec for warranty purposes.
Pirellis are not generally highly thought of on any forum and I personally found them v poor in the wet.
Buying four new tyres at once may seem excessive when there's life in the old ones but the overall improvement for me was definitely worth it, far better grip and quieter than the Pirellis too.
There is no substitute for Michelin PS4S though, next upgrade 20" rims...?
ETA, not seen anything about the GY fronts being discontinued, all the suppliers quoted seem to have them in stock and they are still showing on the GY site.
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