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Hot!Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)?

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rjs993 PCGB Member
2019/10/09 18:18:39 (permalink)

Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)?

Hi Macan Owners,
Help please :).
A long term Porsche owner I have been thinking about purchasing a new Macan or Macan S as the everyday driver and I visited the dealer today and tested both. Everything was very familiar and they both drive very well indeed but I am confused about the MPG that I might expect from each model as the information provided by the dealer/website is nothing like that mentioned in independent reviews i.e.:
Porsche dealer quoted:
  * Macan: 25.7 - 28.2 mpg
  *Macan S: 23.9 - 25.7 mpg
Independent Reviews (e.g. Parkers):
 * Macan: 34-39 mpg
  *Macan S: 32-33 mpg
A BIG difference!
Can you help clarify please - what is a reasonable MPG expectation in mixed everyday driving?

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991 GTS
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    Madelvic PCGB Member
    Re: Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)? 2019/10/09 18:44:04 (permalink)
    I've recently bought a used Macan GTS.  Wouldn't expect the consumption to be that different from the S and I've averaged 24.4 mpg over 3000 miles including some long runs
    Therefore I'd be more inclined to believe the dealers figures
    I can nudge it up to 30mpg on a long run and low 20s for local journeys

    Richard Chappelle
    Boxster S, Macan GTS
    Previously Audi RS4,
    Nissan GTR, Lotus Elise 111R, Caterham SV, Golf VR6, Peugeot 205 GTi, RS2000 and a few sheds
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    BigCat PCGB Member
    Re: Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)? 2019/10/09 19:01:09 (permalink)
    Hi Robert, I’ve been running my new 2019 Macan 2L ( 21 inch wheels & pano roof so not the most eco configuration)  since December last year and over the last 8600 miles the overall average measured at cumulative pump fill ups is 29mpg. The on board computer shows it as 29.4 for the same mileage. By contrast my previous Macan GTS achieved an overall average of 23.5 mpg over 22k miles. Short journey driving reduced that to under 20 mpg whereas I never sEE less than 24 from the new 2L Macan.
    The usage of the car changed to a lot more shorter journeys typically 5 to 12 miles with occasional 60 mile motorway drives and very occasional longer distance holiday drives which for the shorter journeys the 2L engine is more suitable for. Whilst there is a performance difference in the mid range acceleration 40 to 60mph I don’t find it an issue. My Macan is an SUV with emphasis on U,  if I want a fast drive I use my 911
    I prefer to look at the range of the car rather than mpg so to give you an idea we have just driven to the Lake District, 240 miles (M5, M6) preceded by 70 miles of short distance drives, and it used 43 litres to fill it back up. The remaining range is showing over 500 miles (75L tank) but my “safe“ range is 450 which was never achievable with the GTS (also 75L tank) which by contrast after 320 miles on a full tank would be in desperate need of a refuel. 
    I hope that helps.
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    Steve Brown
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    Steve Brown PCGB Member
    Re: Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)? 2019/10/10 13:13:56 (permalink)
    Mine is in line with that - 2.0l 2019 Macan, over the 2800 miles I've done so far, it's averaged around 27.5mpg.  Most journeys are the 20 mile motorway trip to / from work. I was hoping that this might edge up a bit as the miles go past 10k, but maybe that is just wishful thinking now, based on other's experience!

    987 Spyder
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    rjs993 PCGB Member
    Re: Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)? 2019/10/13 20:23:01 (permalink)
    Thanks everyone. Really helpful

    993 Carrera S
    991 GTS
    "What are dreams for ... if not to come true"
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    wilkey PCGB Member
    Re: Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)? 2019/10/15 15:33:07 (permalink)
    Macan S Diesel (I know - no longer produced) 40 mpg - just gloating!!
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    dpoynton PCGB Member
    Re: Macan and Macan S MPG (petrol)? 2019/10/15 15:39:03 (permalink)
    I think you're on the wrong forum. Try this;
    I drive Porsches, fuel economy is irrelevant.
    When I bought my Macan the mother-in-law asked what mpg I got from it. My reply was short, but considered. 

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