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2019/09/05 14:33:31 (permalink)


Watch the launch video here:
What do you think? 
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azi_man944 Register Director
Re: Taycan 2019/09/05 15:43:31 (permalink)
Turbo & Turbo S...... Really
The Mission E design concept seemed like a true direction change but what we seem to be getting is a slightly shorter electric Panamera with a slightly silly name, then following shortly after the Mission E Crossover which looks like the love child of a Panamera and an Infiniti QX50
Can't say I'm saving all my pennies for one of these, would far rather just take a new Panamera and keep the change

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greg_harm PCGB Member
Re: Taycan 2019/09/05 15:45:43 (permalink)
Car looks great, price tag not so and what is with calling an electric car a turbo? Surely Porsche marketing could have been a bit more adventurous than that.
Perhaps they should have called it the new Taycan GT3 Electron or something much more relative, rather than simply taking the easy route, just a thought.

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Re: Taycan 2019/09/05 18:52:44 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Eldavo 2019/09/19 09:13:03
Agreed its a safe start into the electric world, and I think I know the origin of the name, its Taycan the Panamera's look, and Taycan a 911 style, and created their love child - the Taycan.  However, having owned both of these vehicles (and a Cayenne before) I am quite taken (or should that be Taycan).  Enough of this frivolity, or should that be frivoltaty (sorry!) - if this is our electric future I for one am not too disappointed.
Greg you have a point Turbo and Turbo S no thanks...  lets have Volt and Supper Volt or S Volt, or the Faraday and Edison!
The Engineer! 
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Porschekit PCGB Member
Re: Taycan 2019/09/05 18:53:41 (permalink)
I watched the video.....nice car.....latest technology etc......
When I win the Euro-millions on Friday and place my order for a new one, can anyone tell me, other than the metro centre, where the nearest charging station fact where any other charging stations are?   Just sayin....
I hear that the mild mannered Scandinavians, who are leaders in electric car use, are having stand-up fist fights at charging stations because they have to wait for over an hour before they can "start" to use one. 
I'm not convinced that this whole electric car business has been thought through..
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Re: Taycan 2019/09/05 19:25:09 (permalink)
Sir John, try for the locations of over 7,000 UK charging points...  and can I just say you get some free subscription if you install a very reasonably priced Centrica charging point at home ...  
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Porschekit PCGB Member
Re: Taycan 2019/09/05 21:20:10 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby kennyrobinson 2019/09/09 16:09:18
Everybody to their own Phillip....I don't think I could be bothered to drive past the 320,000 hoses already serving petrol & diesel (10,000 stations x average 32 pumps per station) to get to an EV top up point outside my home......
Although I suppose I could get my butler to do it after he's ironed my Sunday Times....
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Re: Taycan 2019/09/28 18:23:56 (permalink)
Nice review of the Taycan
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Willardfan PCGB Member
Re: Taycan 2019/09/28 22:41:01 (permalink)
Just watched the review video by Fully Charged, thanks for posting the link. Will reserve judgement on the Taycan shape until seen in-the-metal, from some angles on screen it looks good, while from others I'm not so sure. Power, handling and range seem class leading but the lack of aural engagement (obviously not restricted to Porsche) is a deal breaker imho.

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kevinnunn PCGB Member
Re: Taycan 2019/10/06 00:27:38 (permalink)
Ashgood Porsche has a Porsche Taycan Turbo For Sale already & the price is a mark up upon the New price.

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rowtietowers PCGB Member
Re: Taycan 2019/10/06 22:34:30 (permalink)
Take a look at BBC Rip Off Britain that was shown this week with Angela Rippon where it covered electric vehicles and the problems with charging points (eg broken chargers, different charging voltages & connections, non electric cars parked in charging bays, apps showing non existent charging points etc etc).
The jury is out for me I‘m afraid (plus I could never afford one!)

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