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2019/05/13 11:51:47 (permalink)


So having bought my Macan SD on February 1st this year things have not been all that good.
It has spent nearly 8 weeks back at Porsche while they try to figure out why, under hard acceleration, such as joining a motorway, performing an overtaking maneuver or just general horse play why the orange engine light comes on along with the coil light and the Waring of 'Taking it to a dealer ASAP but still OK to drive' flash up.
So far all Porsche have done is a full re-gen on the DPF and as they can find zero other fault codes stored they seem to want to do nothing although I have about 20 photo's and videos of the fault happening. I really am at the end of my tether and this is the last chance salon for this car, if no problem can be found or isolated then it will go back to the dealer and be swapped out for something different.
Has any one on here as suffered the same or similar and can offer some much appreciated info or thoughts, I have so little faith in this car now and it was recently fitted with a new engine (1000 miles ago) which is why i bought it but this now seems to have bitten me on the backside as I guess something is just not aligning.
Any advice welcome............   

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    Re: Help................ 2019/05/13 13:52:06 (permalink)
    Sorry to hear you are still having problems.
    As you will know from earlier posts, several of us have suffered this intermittently - but not as a reoccurring fault, as far as I know. With the CEL and glow-plug warning light flashing, the fault obviously revolves around this area and/or the particulate filter.  Are you able to reset by turning the ignition off, then restarting?
    Diesel engines don't normally go wrong, so does the fact it needed replacement provide any clue? Whatever the reason, it is unlikely the DPF and sensors would have been replaced too and, if original, these may be faulty. I would ask your PC to check them and carry out another forced regeneration.
    If you're PC is unable to ascertain the problem, it's unlikely you will get a definitive answer here either, but be persistent, it's good kit when it's working satisfactorily! I wish you well and hope you get it sorted very soon.   

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    delboystoy PCGB Member
    Re: Help................ 2019/05/14 07:47:40 (permalink)
    Thanks Clive,
    The new engine was fitted by he previous owner, I am not 100% certain why as Porsche Cambridge will not tell me, think it had a timing issue that could not be resolved.
    I am hoping that they replace the DPF filter but at approximately £1700 ish I guess that's why they are being a bit hesitant.
    The car from what I have driven is lovely and this one also has £25k worth of extras on it which makes it even more special so I hope it does get fixed, on top of it all I ordered a 'Diesel Tuning Chip' from 'Chip Express' which should put the BHP back up to 330 as per the SQ5 which has the same engine. Why would Porsche ever drop it down, it makes no sense !!!
    Any way fingers crossed and I'll let you all know what happens
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