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Helpful ReplySpecialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS

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pmcmullan PCGB Member
2019/04/09 10:10:30 (permalink)

Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS

I have a 2003 C4S, wondering if anyone can recommend a specialist to do the IMS replacement and what retrofit is best.
In terms of area, M25 + 1 hour.
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D911ARK PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/10 10:09:44 (permalink)
Hi Peter,
RPM Technik in Long Marston, Herts. Bought mine from there and they'd already done it. They will also talk you through it all and the parts etc they use.
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tscaptain PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/10 10:53:19 (permalink)
Moved to 996 forum.

I'm speeding because I have to get there before I forget where I'm going.
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andywill PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/10 11:08:11 (permalink)
Hi Peter
What part of the M25 do you mean?

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Tracy_Wilkins Boxster Register Secretary
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/10 13:44:12 (permalink)
Hi Peter
Steve Winter at Jaz Porsche is superb and is the Boxster technical assistant for the club. His premises are in St Albans,Herts

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jamesekirby PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/10 15:55:26 (permalink)
Northway just south of Reading (M4 J12) are also pretty good. Might be stretching the +1 hr a bit, but you are driving a Porsche... :-)

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Cayman295 PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/15 13:29:12 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby jamesekirby 2019/04/15 15:16:19
Hi Peter
Just had my IMS done being an engineer I studied the different options.   Didn't like the ball bearing LN version as they specify you need to check it every 4 years and for me that's about 8000 miles. I was looking for a fit and forget solution. Didn't like the idea of a permanent oil feed solution as the pipe is on the bottom and could theoretically be ripped off or they require connecting into other parts of the oil feed system. In the end I went for the EPS solution which is a theoretical permanent fix without the pressurised oil feed.  The bearing is submerged in oil any way. This is a roller than ball solution and has no axial loading on the bearing. This is the version fitted by RPM Technique I believe. I also had a new RMS (Not actually leaking and clutch as it was nearly down on the rivets).  The IMS bearing removed was in perfect condition,  Both seals in place and runs as smooth as a babies bum.  No play in it what so ever.  Car is a single row 2002 C2 with 47,000 miles and full history.  I also had a lower temperature thermostat fitted to reduce the risk of bore scoring.
So why did I have it done? Every time I took it out I was always relieved to get it home without it going bang,  I knew it was unlikely but it was always in the back of my mind. ( Didn't think it would bother me when I bought it)
I took it out for a 100 mile spin last weekend and the car seemed so much more enjoyable. Silly I know but the brain plays funny tricks. Yes I could be unlucky and the new bearing could fail but at least I have done due diligence.
Unfortunately I don't live by the M25 as I am in Gloucestershire.  Work Carried out by Peter Chambers at Tewksbury.  Porsche Ferrari, Lamborghini and race prep specialist.
I expect your interested in cost under £1,700 including the clutch and VAT and the drilling out of a broken bolt.  Genuine parts used except the IMS of course.
Hope this helps

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jamesekirby PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/15 15:19:05 (permalink)
Great post - very thorough, thanks. I'll be getting my RMS and clutch done later in the year, probs back end of the Summer so will most likely get the IMS done at the same time. I'll speak to Northway but I imagine they'll be aware of the different IMS replacement options, but it looks like the EPS one you mention is the best.

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Roger12345 PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/04/16 04:59:28 (permalink)
Hi Peter
I also went for the EPS bearing, last summer the engine and gearbox were out as i was having the brake lines replaced so I decided to get the clutch, usual seals, air/oil separator, oil pressure sender and IMS all done at the same time. I went for the EPS bearing for the same reasons as Cayman295, Autofarm carried out the work and photographed the process they were excellent always keeping me the way the old IMS was in perfect order (33,000 miles)

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mictamk PCGB Member
Re: Specialist recommendation - 996 C4S IMS 2019/06/05 21:06:40 (permalink)
Hi Andy
Just read your post about  RPM Technik in Long Marston regarding IMS bearing.Ive been  looking for somewhere to get mine done,as I am in MK this will suit me.
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