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Forum looks dead


New member
Like so many forums these days this 356 one looks like it's seen better days with only 4 threads so far this year!

As a new 356 owner, are you all hanging out somewhere else to share info? Any suggestions gratefully received.
Hey Catherine, i'm a relatively new member here too and yes i'd agree there doesn't seem to be much life here.

The 356 Registry (Based in US) has a much more active forum and can be a great resource for any knowledge required:

I tend to communicate with other 356 owners via Instagram: i'm @aircooled.obesession, if you're on there, drop me a line.

If you able, i'd suggest, the following events which all have a fairly good showing of fellow 356ers:

Hello Blue 356 owner, from another Blue 356C owner, Sky Blue actually. What Region are you in?
The Portugal 356 International was booked up very quickly following the launch of this years event at the Munich International last year.
The problem is that most of the members and 356 owners around the world that attend the events all book as soon as the programme is announced, usually at the final gala dinner of the previous event.
I don't yet know when, or where next years International will take place, but if you want to take part you will need to book and pay for it up front when you book!
Usually, this years participants will bring back some of the entry forms with all the details for the 2025 event.
You could always email the 356 Register Secretary to ask him for details and also the Portugese organisers to see if there may be a cancellation at this years event.
Regarding the lack of stuff on the PCGB 356 forum its for the members to use it to make it worthwhile. Most of us 356 owners, are 356Registry members anyway.
Hi Catherine,
Yes, sadly not much life left in PCGB when it comes to 356s. Only the old guard tend to own them and as they’ve known each other for years, they do tend to communicate more directly amongst themselves. Fred Hampton is the very long time Register Secretary, never seen him post on the club forum though. Jeff (I’m guessing that’s Moyes) writes the Porsche Post snippets for him.
As a rare new PCGB member with a 356 though, either of them should have welcomed you by now if they were actually paying any attention to the club forum. Reality is, they don’t bother to because they’re their own little cabal now and can’t be bothered to. PCGB doesn’t care about that as they’re understandably focused on continuity, so signing up Boxsters, Cayennes and Caymans is the volume needed to sustain themselves.
My advice, with 30+ years of 356 custodianship under my belt is this. 356 Registry (as already recommended) for anything you ever need to know about any 356. The breadth of knowledge there is unparalleled. It’s USA based, where most 356s were delivered to but is entirely enthusiast based. Closer to home is the DDK, smaller but with active forums and lots of helpful advice from UK 356 enthusiasts who‘ve pretty much done it all.
Don’t expect much informed help from PCGB though, it’s really just a business now that masquerades itself as social club to sell tickets to other people‘s events and it’s own merchandise to its captive audience. If you do want to be social with your 356, then sharing it at any free local cars and coffee will do the trick just as well.
Sharing the frustration about lack of 356 engagement in PCGB.
Agree on recommendations:
356 Registry for vast knowledge (US-based but global enthusiasts).
DDK for active UK-based 356 forums and advice.
Consider local car meets for socializing with your 356.

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