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Cayman GT4 RS road car vs. GT4 RS Clubsport: One and the same?

I do love my new one, it's like having a 620R caterham and a BMW CSL wrapped into one car. and for once I don't have to monoball the front LCA :) the only stupid hold back is the rear toe links !!! so thats annoying.

I would say these will go back up in price being one of one, where as the GT3 is in it's 13th model and still 2 more due. Nothing I have owned is like the 4RS , it's wild, it's sexy, it's loud when YOU want it to be loud, it's just mega.
The video just confirms what we already know and would expect, in that the RS road car isn't that dissimilar to the Clubsport race car. The GT4 Clubsport is the entry level Porsche race car so it isn't going to be riddled with expensive trick bits due to keeping costs down for the car, easy spares availability etc. Still nice to see some technical discussion though which is always cool :cool:

While the GT4RS is a fast car with that engine and gearbox it's a bit of shame that the basic suspension architecture is still the same as a regular Cayman. It's a step behind a 991.2 911 and two steps behind a 992. Great for having fun, playing with the limits of grip etc, but if you like driving smoothly with a locked down car like I do then dare I say it a GT3 is the better choice.

(Runs and hides before the flaming starts...! šŸ«£)
922 GT3 for track and being safer is better for sure. it was a tough choice for me , but I am not after times at track days any more, I go for a day out, and then on the road the 992 GT3 is even more noisy, road and tyre noise, still bouncy hard and tramlines way more than 4RS which is a down side of double wishbones. plus it just feels bigger to hoon down a B road for all these reasons the 4RS for me is a far better car for my use.

4RS is a fun car, it's not their out and out track car really, AP said as much, and the GT3 will always be king, it has to be, it costs Ā£30k more and has to set faster laps. the 3 people I know who all had 992 GT3 for none track use all sold them pretty quick. And like wise I drive a GTS 4.0 PDK as daily, screw even driving a normal GT4 for daily use.

one needs 4 or 5 cars and pick your car for what you are doing with it, the 4RS is a fun rich mans toy, that's it. 620R Caterham/BMW CSL mixed into one. Some people even find the 992 GT3 dull to track ! with the e-diff and turn in, again depends if you want fun or fast easy track times.

I am not rich btw, I just treated myself for the summer and then it will be gone to fund early retirement, the GTS will also go and the 718 Spyder will also go, I will buy a retirement car with a soft top of some kind maybe even a GTS 4.0 Boxster. My VERY modded 997 GTS manual is all the car I need for road use only.

Thing is there are 16 or 17 GT cars now so you have to pick one you like and want to keep. As I said my keeper would never be a GT car they don;t work well enough on the road for me, and all the newer cars you dont feel as connected as a sorted 997 car.
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The thing about the 4RS is that... it's the best or the maximum that Porsche would do on the platform, and there will not be another one.

992.2 GT3 spy shots are flooding through, and the 992 3RS will be superseded by a 992 2RS or some such.

The video is cool - Mike gets a little muddled up with some details - but the enthusiasm for the car is apparent. I do love the fact that the GT4 and 4RS are pretty much exactly the same as the Clubsport racers.... the lineage is direct, and much closer to Road-Race car than the current GT3 line up is.

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