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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the difference between Pride of Ownership and Concours d’Elegance?
Pride of Ownership is a one class competition welcoming all cars at the entry level within the club. It caters for both the novice and the more experienced entrant and is for cars that are in regular use. Some owners continue over the years just to enjoy this category, although there is a clear progression route to the Elegance class for those who choose it.

Concours d’Elegance is the flagship event in our National Concours showcasing some of the finest examples from both the classic and modern era. From the cars submitted for entry, only the best cars are selected to compete. Eligibility will also include previous winners from Pride of Ownership who would be invited to offer their cars for the selection process. The CDE has a number of classes for entry: Classic, Modern Classic and Future Classic.

In addition there is a CDE award for Best Engine bay across all classes of CDE. This award will only apply to entries where engines are fully accessible. Awards are also given for Competitors Choice, Spirit of Concours and Compere/Celebrity’s Choice.

If the Pride of Ownership Competition and Concours de Elegance take place on different dates, can I enter both?
If the car is deemed to be suitable for CDE then it cannot enter both. This would be against the spirit of the more informal PoO competition. If entry to PoO is allowed on the day, in line with the above, such cars would not be judged. 
Do I have to be a member of PCGB to enter a car for Concours?
Yes.  All entrants must hold a current PCGB membership on the date of the Concours event. The Porsche entered must be registered in your name.
Am I automatically entered into the Concours if I purchase a ticket to the National Event?
No, in addition to purchasing a ticket, you must complete the entry form, and have received confirmation of entry with a dedicated entry hanger for your rearview mirror. Such documents are sent to you approximately one week prior to the event.
Can I enter a replica Porsche car?
No. Only vehicles manufactured by Porsche AG are permitted entry to Concours.

Pride Of Ownership

In Pride of Ownership, can entrants prepare their cars the day before on site?
Because of the informal nature, preparation would only be allowed on the morning of the event to judging, or from opening time on the day of the competition.
What is judged on my car in Pride of Ownership?
It’s a less formal competition and includes a general inspection of: The exterior; including bodywork, paintwork, glass, wheels and tyres. Viewed from the outside, a general appraisal of seats, door panels, steering wheel, dashboard, instruments, headlining and carpets.

In comparison, whilst d’Elegance class is judged in many similar areas, the criteria and detail is much more stringent.
In Pride of Ownership must I be present when my car is judged?
No, once judging commences, all cleaning polishing should cease, lock your vehicle and leave the area whilst judging is in progress.
Can anyone enter Pride of Ownership?
Yes provided all competitors are current members of PCGB. And the preparation of the vehicle represents the spirit of the competition.
What happens on the day in a Pride of Ownership competition?
A competitors briefing will take place prior to the start of judging.  This briefing will inform entrants of when judging will commence and what time the results are expected to be known.

Concours d’Elegance

Can I enter my car in the Elegance on the day at the event?
No.  All entries for CDE must be pre-registered and approved for the CDE event.
If I submit an entry form for CDE will my Porsche automatically be include in the event?
No. Due to restrictions of space, judging times and over subscription of entries a pre-selection process ensures the event has sufficient quality entries on an annual basis.  All entrants will be informed by the Club office should their entry be accepted.
Can I enter more than one Porsche for the CDE event?
No. Only one entry for each member is permitted.
Can I trailer my Concours entry to the event?
Yes. However, no trailered Concours entries are permitted to enter the event venue. All entries must be driven under their own power from the outer entry gate into the venue to be parked in the allocated Concours parking area.
Can I enter my Porsche if it’s not taxed MOT Tested or insured?
No.  All entries must be taxed, insured and have a current MOT certificate where applicable.  
What happens on the day in a CDE competition? What's the running order for the event?
A competitors briefing will take place prior to the start of judging.  This briefing will inform entries of the running order and outline the timetable for the days event, it will also advise the Health and Safety for the day.
What's expected of me on the day?
You will be asked to drive your car onto a plinth for judging.  If present, a compere of the event will introduce you and your Porsche and ask you for some interesting facts about your history with the car, so be ready with a few words. 
How will my car be judged?
The judging team will comprise of individuals selected for their broad knowledge of the Porsche marque who also have specialised knowledge to decide on certain points. 

There will be one team of judges to ensure consistency in the judging of: Exterior/Interior/Luggage bay/Engine/Engine bay*. Multiple judges will be used to provide a balanced view. Each entry will be judged for the same duration of time. In each class there will be 30 additional Discretionary points available, these points are awarded in appreciation of overall presentation, originality and authenticity.

*This award will only apply to entries where engines and engine bay are fully accessible.

In addition there is a CDE award for Best Engine bay across all classes of CDE. 
When will I know the result of the judging?
An awards ceremony will take place following the completion of judging at the event.  All entries will receive their judging sheet approx two weeks later by email.
Can a winning car from the previous year enter the following years event?
No. A CDE winning car cannot enter either the CDE or PoO event the following year.  

However, a PoO winning car is invited to enter the CDE the following year.
Please note these FAQs are written for general guidance and should be read in conjunction with the relevant Rules and Regulations available here.

Should you require any further information on the above, please email

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