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18 - 20 May 2017

Stuttgart Factory Visit

This trip to Stuttgart, where Porsche has been based since the late forties, includes a guided tour of the spectacular Porsche Museum and Porsche Werke in Zuffenhausen.

Prepare yourself for a full day immersed in the marque, from the futuristic Museum full of a constantly changing series of historic cars then an afternoon in the factory seeing 911s, Caymans and Boxsters on the line in the crowded three tier production plant – a miracle of machines and systems to make it work.

Also on the site is a leading Porsche Centre, a Museum shop full of unique items only obtainable there, and of course, a Porsche Drivers Selection shop.

There is also an optional visit to the Mercedes Museum which is a treasure trove of classic and completely unique vehicles such as the transporter used to bring cars back from the Ring in just two hours.

The provisional price is £450 for an individual or £375 per person for a shared room. This excludes travel costs and is subject to the stability of the exchange rate.

Travel costs from the UK to Germany are your own responsibility as are incidental hotel charges and are not included in this price. Further details can be obtained from the organiser, Richard Watling, available on or calling 01285 770356.

Applications and payments will be made by Mandy Sutch at the Porsche Clubhouse; available via or by calling 01608 652911.

It is not advisable to book your travel until you have submitted an application form and received a message on confirmation.

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