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Apply today and enjoy savings on every litre of Esso Synergy fuel

We've teamed up with leading fuel card provider, WEX Europe Services in order to negotiate highly competitive premium Esso fuel pricing for Porsche Club members.

As a member, we know you value your Porsche and will be keen to purchase the best fuels available. Now members can apply for an exclusive and free of charge Porsche Club GB Esso Card™ fuel card (normally £43), which allows you to receive a highly competitive discount off pump prices for all Esso Synergy fuels.

Since the partnership began, Club members have saved over £130,000 and fuelled nearly three million litres! Apply for your card and start saving by using the link below:

Apply Here

How it works
This useful little guide will help explain how to use your card once it arrives.

E10 fuel
Whether your beloved Porsche is fine with E10 fuel or still needs old-style fuels with a lower ethanol level, Esso can offer you options and potentially even an upgrade too. Firstly, Esso’s E10 fuel will be ready and waiting for you and your compatible Porsche. By creating fewer emissions as you travel and coming from a more sustainable source than previous types of fuel in the first place, you can do your bit to help the environment without any change to the way you drive.
Secondly, Esso’s Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded (SU99) will remain on sale and this will offer a high-octane, ethanol-free alternative for those whose cars aren’t compatible with E10 fuel. It also contains detergent additives that help keep your engine clean, making it Esso’s best-ever fuel for keeping your engine in top condition. If you would like guidance on which is the right fuel for your car before filling up, you are more than welcome to check with the staff at Esso-branded service stations too.

Don’t be confused by the E5 grade label that service stations are legally obliged to carry on their pumps. Synergy Supreme+ 99 is actually ethanol free (except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, North England and Scotland).

Video makes invoices easy
Calculate the savings you’ve made with your Esso Card™ using the invoice guide instructional video.

You must hold an up-to-date Porsche Club membership to use a Porsche Club GB Esso Card™ fuel card. If your Club membership lapses or is cancelled, your Esso Card ™ account will be closed.

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