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Porsche Belles


Sometime last year, over coffee and cars a little idea began to flourish. We know that women love to network! Girl power and all that.. but are we missing a trick here? 

We all have a common thread - our link is Porsche and the Club. That may come in different perspectives, but nevertheless it is the thread that joins us.

So bit by bit, the idea grew into an initiative “The Porsche Belles”.  Being a Belle is automatic - not complicated - if you are a women, (in whatever way), and a member of PCGB, then you are in! We started with a committee of eight from different backgrounds. And so it began..

So, what are the Belles all about? Do we do enough to interest everyone? We know there are many women that won’t want to don a helmet and get on track, but some do. There are those who like to drive and some prefer to be driven. The common thread is a community of women and we need to find more ways to ensure PCGB offers something for everyone. Ok , we cannot please everyone, but women  know how to network so well and we should consider how we can help and encourage that. The Club should be a mechanism and support the inclusivity. So there we go, the Porsche Belles were born.

The committee considered how to enhance the experience for women in PCGB?  Your Regional Organiser already knows about the initiative and they are looking into what can be done to support women at your Regional level. If you have requests and ideas yourself, then please get in touch with them, or you can email the Belles directly; to get involved.

Well as ever the power of social media is a great tool. Since 16 January, if you’re on Instagram, you may have seen us. And it sure has grown fast... As I write we are at 630 followers and have reached over 21,000 accounts! Brilliant. Come follow us!

We have put together a plan and are even talking to Porsche Ladies Clubs in France and Lithuania! This is going international ladies!!

To be clear, we aim to extend the already amazing inclusivity of PCGB to include, focus on and encourage more women to be involved. This includes existing members, but of course we hope to attract new members too and have something for all the family.  Some events will be exclusively for women, but not all. Where they are, we will aim to have something for the men too where possible


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22 Jun 2024

Porsches by the Lake - Belles meet up and picnic

Join us at Little Easton Manor for Porsches by the lake.

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