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944 S2



Porsche 944 S2 Coupe 3.0 Manual.

1990 registered UK example. Certificate of authenticity from Porsche and letter confirming it was a Porsche Press vehicle.

Finished in Baltic Blue metallic with Linen Half Leather interior this car presents in what can only be described as superb condition, having been subject to a very expensive restoration in 2018 (lots of supporting photos) where all rust was cut out, front wings replaced with official wings from Porsche and all rubber seals replaced throughout.

This has been well loved by me and has had far more spent on her than i will get back, but the result is a car that will not require the usual rust chasing and associated bills that come with it!

The car is supplied with both factory keys and Hamilton & Palmer alarm handset, book packs.

Service history was lost by a previous owner in a house move (only had service receipt from 2012 at 136,372 miles), so history is mainly from my time of ownership (2017 at 139,000 miles).

There are invoices for various items going back to 2016, but there are also invoices for a lot of parts from my time (mostly from Porsche).

In 2018 she was subject to an expensive restoration that included:
New front wings (from Porsche)
New inner and outer sills on both sides (from Porsche)
Rear quarter repairs to bottoms (all rust removed)
New rubber seals all round car (from Porsche)
New rear boot lock gaskets
New windscreen (from Porsche)
New stone guard films all round (from Porsche)
New speakers and door speaker grilles / frames (from Porsche)
New wiper mechanism
Stainless rear exhaust
Steering wheel restitched and coloured
Repaired the digital clock !
Full respray

Original D90 alloys are in great condition and the dashboard is not cracked or split. Oh, and the clock works!

Recent services undertaken since my ownership:
June 2017 – 139,092 miles - Oil flush, fluid and filter service (incl plugs) £354
August 2017 – 139,257 miles – Coolant leak fix (water pump elbow) £193
November 2017 – 139,327 miles -Power steering pump leak fixed £182
June 2018 – 139,468 miles – Major service (filters and fluids, water pump, timing belt, balance belt, alternator & Power steering belts, dizzy cap, power steering pump replaced, new wiper mechanism, compression test (all 150 psi) £2447
June 2019 – 139,619 – Oil service £168

The services have been carried out by David Phillips in Edinburgh - a very respected Porsche specialist.

The car was recently on display at Porsche Edinburgh for their opening.

1990139,708 miles3.0l


944 S2
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