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Meet the Board


Nick Taylor
Chairman, Finance & Risk Director
In what has been a difficult first year, Nick has worked extremely hard to steer the Club through difficult waters, both in his Finance Director role of which he was re-appointed, and as Chair, and the new board unanimously agreed for Nick to continue as Chairman.
Steve Johnson
Vice Chairman, Register Director
After serving as a Director without Portfolio for a few months now, Steve became Register Director after being the only eligible nomination.  He will also remain as 997 Register Secretary, and in the meeting after the AGM was also voted as Vice Chair.
Carrie Mason
HR & Operations Director
As the sole eligible nomination for this role, Carrie joins the board after being a legal advisor to us for several months, and we welcome her legal knowledge and support, as well as Carrie’s enthusiasm for the Club.
Ian Bevis
Information & Technology Director
Again, as the sole eligible nomination for the role, Ian joins the board, and we welcome him.  Ian has jumped in and helped with AGM preparation, and his tremendous experience in IT means we are in a safe set of hands.
Laura Wardle
Regions Director
After the voting process was declared void after a technical hitch for this role, Peter Bull then decided to withdraw for personal reasons.  The board decided to co-opt Laura back onto the board as Regions Director.
Andy Gardiner
Planning Director
The decision was made to co-opt Andy as a Director as he has been part of the IT working group for some time, and has been a great support to the Club, as well as having a wealth of experience that will assist us.

Paul Musgrove
Strategy Director

A Club member for over 30 years with a passion for Porsche. Having owned 911s, Boxsters, a Cayenne, a Macan, a Taycan and a Panamera. Paul has over 30 years of experience running his own business and taking it from £0 to £50M. Being recognised in The London Stock exchange 1000 companies to inspire Britain 3 times as well as the Financial Times 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. Paul is a Freeman of the City of London and has a unique talent for business strategy.

Paul Seagrave
Motorsport Director
As the Chair of the Board for Porsche Club Motorsport, the board decided it would be prudent to have Paul on the main club board so we can align ourselves more with events, and we welcome Paul.

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