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Road Academy Level 3 Advanced Performance


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Enjoy a full day of 1-2-1 driver training with CAT Driver Training at UTAC, formerly known as Millbrook Proving Ground, in Bedfordshire - the global experts in professional driver education and development. 
CAT Driver Training have limited availability for Porsche Club members to enjoy a preferential rate for an eight-hour day to deliver bespoke dynamic training.
Road Academy Level 3 Advanced Performance includes:
  • Progressive, safe & dynamic driving for any road, driving holiday, driving tour, Autobahn or Sunday drive out
  • Explore skid control
  • Braking techniques for all weather & road conditions
  • High speed vehicle management
  • Advanced cornering techniques
  • Understand your vehicles driving dynamic DNA with the only independent qualified dynamic experts

The CAT Difference
Being the best, the CAT instructor team hold the highest qualifications the DVSA award, as well as Accredited Coaching Driver Development skills – which includes the psychological aspects of driving. Combined with our evidence based engineering expertise, this gives CAT our unique approach to developing your car control.
About UTAC
An automotive testing facility, circuits are designed for testing vehicles.  Consequently, the surfaces excite the vehicle: the suspension; the wheel; the tyre on the road; & its body.  Making the car work means the driver has to manage the car.
Just as a language translator gives the understanding of a foreign language, our unique expertise explains the physical signals your car gives you throughout your body.
Authentic engineers, our vehicle dynamic knowledge translates the various dynamic happenings of a vehicle: roll rates; spring & damper movement into the physical experience you are sensing, but maybe not understanding.
Freeze framing moments on the circuits, your learning is accelerated.  You will interrogate what the car did & how you felt, relate this back to your driver input, & then go again.
By understanding the dynamic happenings, you are now united with your car, as one. 
True dynamic understanding & management of how a car behaves at grip limit.
Your order will be taken by Porsche Club Great Britain who will then forward your contact details. Jo or Lynne from CAT will then make contact to get your personal course or gift booked into the diary or sent as an open dated gift pack.
Participants must hold a valid, full driving licence.
Total price: £1550.00

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