Hamilton Classic Supertex Luxury Indoor Car Cover

Supertex Luxury Indoor Car Cover

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Soft, breathable & Dustproof.

Price includes a 10% discount for PCGB members.

Supertex is Non-Hygroscopic making it not only water resistant but it will not absorb moisture like natural fibre materials, such as cotton, making it perfect for almost any indoor environment from carports & barns to heated garages. Three Layer with super soft Fleece interior lining. 

Available in a choice of three colours - Red, Blue or Green with optional Porsche crest.  Please note, some models are only in certain colours.

Size Guide: 

S - 356, 914, 916, Speedster

M - Early 911 inc. ducktails, 911 / 993  no spoiler (Blue or Red only)

L - 911 SC & Turbo, 924, 944, 968

XL - 996, 997, 991, Boxster, Cayman

XXL - Panamera, Taycan

Sports - 911 with Fixed Spoilers and 928 GT2, GT3 etc (Red only).

4x4 Small - Macan (Blue only)

4x4 Large - Cayenne (Blue only)

UK delivery £11 by courier. 

Once your order has been placed, you may be contacted by a representative from Hamilton Classic to ensure the specifications are correct for your Porsche.

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