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For indoor use only. 
* Price includes fans and transformer. 
* Easy to store when not in use. 
* Held away from the vehicle by a sturdy frame. 

The principal is not new, the Cair-o-port however is. With its external lightweight steel frame, modern state of the art materials and the benefit of three electric fans combine to make the Cair-o-port the most efficient storage system available. The external frame has the advantage of being strong simple and quick to erect, the modern materials are lightweight but strong and are easily attached to the frame. The three filtered fans ensure that every crevice even under the car are kept dry and free of condensation. This combination, along with its attractive price, provide cost effective protection for sports & classic cars, motorbikes, or general household dry storage.

Having the external frame makes access to the Cair-o-port very quick & easy, two vertical zips and a Velcro flap are all that is required to encapsulate or release your treasured possession. The Cair-o-port then remains in place ready for your return. The filters can be easily removed for cleaning. Access at any time for minor maintenance is effortless and work can be carried out inside the Cair-o-port.For indoor use only. 

Small - 356, 911, 914/6, 924

*Dimensions Frame 4.49m x 2.2m x 1.89m
*Dimensions Canopy - 4.37m x 2.02m x 1.84m
*Dimensions Door 1.85m (2m max)

Medium - 993, 944, 968, 996, 997, 928, Boxster, Cayman

*Dimensions Frame 5.07m x 2.41m x 1.90m
*Dimensions Canopy - 4.98m x 2.22m x 1.84m
*Dimensions Door 2.01m (2.2m max)

Large - Cayenne, Panamera

*Dimensions Frame 5.56m x 2.51m x 1.93m
*Dimensions Canopy - 5.43m x 2.32m x 1.86m
*Dimensions Door 2.10m (2.4m max) 

Extra Large - Any of the Above!

*Dimensions Frame 5.93m x 2.71m x 1.93m
*Dimensions Canopy - 5.82m x 2.52m x 1.86m
*Dimensions Door 2.25m (2.44m max) 

Price includes a 10% discount for PCGB members. 

UK delivery £20 by courier. 

Once your order has been placed, this is sent securely to Hamilton Classic who will despatch the item to you within 3 weeks.  They may contact you if necessary to discuss dimensions.

Photo show for illustrative purpose only.

Total price: £485.00
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