Knockhill Trackday - 12 July

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Date: 12 July 2023

Location: Knockhill

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Scotland's only internationally graded racing circuit presents a unique series of twists, drops and climbs.

Circuit opens from 7.30am
Signing on between 7.30am – 9.00am please make sure you have your driving license.
Driver Briefing - 8.30am will be held at all track days please make sure you arrive on time to attend these they are compulsory.

All timings are approximate. Final details will be sent within 10 days of your event.

Instruction: We have fully trained ARDS instructors at all of our track days. Bookings can be made in advance and on the day if there is availability.

Static noise level: 105 dbA
Porsche Club has successfully run a programme of Porsche trackdays for over 20 years. In that time, we have organised over 450 days, offering almost 14,500 driver places. Club days are organised at approved race circuits in order that Club members can drive their Porsche in a safe, controlled environment.

With Porsche Club trackdays you can forget about the restrictions of the public road – these days are about you, your Porsche, and a race circuit. Above all, they provide an opportunity for owners to have fun and enjoy their cars at a speed they find comfortable. Please keep checking your mirrors and move over for faster drivers; if you are more experienced, please respect newcomers or slower drivers and don’t harass them. If you have any concerns about drivers speak to the team and we will have a chat with anyone who needs advice.

Porsche Club trackdays are for Porsche cars only. Any non-Porsche arriving will not be allowed on track.  
Race cars by approval only and must run on treaded tyres please contact

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