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Micro Fluffy Anthracite

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  • High pile double fleece microfibre towel, perfect for wiping off Cleaner Fluid 
  • Drastically time-saving, compared to regular cotton terry towels
  • Machine-washable, up to 60° C

These luxuriously soft polishing towels, made of a "fluffy" high-pile microfibre material, were specially developed for Swissvax. Thanks to their extraordinary, thick and prime-quality 70% polyester/30% polymide microfibres, one single towel will suffice to do an entire car.  In addition, a special silk seam for the use on automotive paint allows for the towels to be machine-washed up to 60° C (we suggest you remove the care label before use though)

  • Premixed, ready-to-use glass cleaner in a handy spray bottle
  • Cleans effortlessly and effectively with no streaking leaving nothing but a crystal clear glass surface
  • Provides excellent cleaning results with ease in minimum time



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